problem with smoking herb?

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  1. So about a year ago i quit smoking weed because I had a problem with other drugs and I just needed to stop getting high regardless of what the drug was. Before that I was a daily smoker for about 3 years. I loved getting high, it was a ritual and I loved being high all the time.

    About 6 months ago I started toking again and it just wasn't the same. When I smoke now, a majority of the time I get shortness of breath which is kind of expected, but it is somewhat scary. I still love the act of smoking with friends and everything that goes along with it, but I hate how it is hard for me to breathe when I'm high. I also get such bad cottonmouth to the point where if I don't have a beverage to sip on while I'm high it makes it even harder to breathe and I start to freak out.

    It pisses me off because a lot of the time I can't enjoy my high and it just makes me want to quit smoking for good as much as I love weed. Has anybody had reactions like this after quitting smoking and starting back up again and what did you do to help it? Suggestions would be much appreciated!
  2. your just paranoid
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    I never had any breathing issues whatsoever after smoking weed regularly for seven years in a row. The third month after I started smoking Cigarettes heavily though, I woke up with shortness of breath so bad I couldn't sit up in bed a couple times. Are you a smoker? Tobacco I mean :rolleyes: It could just be you, alot of people now-a-days have breathing problems.. I've never in my life heard of somebody having any kind of a "reaction" from bud, if you got a rash after quitting, it was most likely from something else. Cottonmouth is a normal thing to get after smoking, just drink some icewater and relax and you'll enjoy your buzz more.

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