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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by inverseparadigm, Jun 3, 2013.

  1. I recently purchased a Pax vaporizer and I believe it to be defective out
    of box. I contacted the store I purchased the device from (cottonmouth
    smoke shop) and they believe the same. They would not allow me to exchange
    it but suggested I send it in for service.
    Issue: The unit stops working before the battery discharges.
    I had fully charged the battery before the first use (battery was fully
    drained when purchased). The first day I had used the unit several times
    in short order on various heat settings, keeping my eye on the battery
    remaining. At no point did the battery meter going from yellow to red. I
    put the unit away for about an hour then attempted to use again. The unit
    did not turn on. I figured the battery died and fully charged it. The
    next day I used the unit once in the morning and shut it off. 6 hours
    later I attempt to use it again and it won't turn on. I checked online to
    see if others had this problem.
    One user suggested putting the unit on the charging cradle for a second and
    then trying to turn it on. I followed the steps and the unit turned on and
    was functional for 20 min + with the battery not going below yellow
    I sent an email to the service department on the warranty card over a week ago and still no response. I don't feel comfortable sending a $300 unit with the original receipt and warranty card to a company that can respond to an email in a timely fashion.  They ask that it be sent registered and insured mail but I guess what guarantee do I have that I'll ever hear from them or ever have the unit fixed.  
    I emailed ploom support to see if they could shed some light yesterday, Hopefully they get back to me shortly.  has anyone else had this issue or have sent their pax in for service in canada?


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