problem with mini fridge grow box problem

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by yaketyyak123, Jan 20, 2014.

  1. I gotta problem my mini fridge has only about 22 inchesof space from top to bottom i have jack herer autooflower that grows to about 45 - 50 cm so 18 inches where the fuck am i gona fit a pot What size pot am i gona use? Because autoflowers just keep growing to whatever height they like right?

  2. Train the SHIT out of her. I've seen (and I'm sure you have too) guys grow autos in fucking computer towers. It can be done. Just use like a 2 gallon pot or something. Sure, it will cut down on your yield. But if that's the only space you have for growing, you gotta do what you gotta do. Start training her early and keep tying her down and moving shit. You can grow a small auto with a VERY low profile if you're diligent with LST.
  3. i was  thinkin scrog and what do you think the yield i could get oiutta ther if i was good at training is
  4. Well...I guess technically you can scrog an auto, but it's kind of pointless. Look at it this way: when you scrog a photo plant, you can veg basically as long as you want. You can have an entire month of veg growth to fill in the screen and move it around and now worry about breaking branches and shit when it's flowering. With an auto you don't have that luxury. So, you can try it, but it would be sort of counterproductive. If I remember correctly in my limited experience with autos, they have a fairly big growth spurt between weeks 3 and 4. So if you do scrog, make sure the screen is in place by then.
  5. so ill probably just do photoperiods... i have an intake fan and an exhaust fan both the same kinds im jw if i have to cut holes because of negative pressure or something?
  6. Well yeah, you definitely have to cut holes for the air to enter and exhaust. But you don't need an intake fake. Do passive intakes and active exhaust(s). You know what I'm saying?
  7. What if you were to put a cage around the light in a tube shape , mount it in the center and then train the plant to wrap aroung the metal cage could grow it four feet tall without it ever being tall..
  8. i already have an intake fan both are pretty ppowerful theyre alot more powerful than cpu fans one is an intake ones exhaust they do pretty well and they create like a suction like vortex type thing so if i open the mini fridge just right its still being circulated the same but is that gona effect the plant growth the fact that i got two fans like that

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