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    Are you a problem solver?
    If yes, how would you go about solving these inquiries below? I'm interested in your logic, the kind of research you would conduct, etc.
    1.<span>       </span>If you had a set of data that showed you the weight of all refrigerators sold to The Company of Interest, how would you determine a normal range for refrigerator weight?  How would you look at the data and determine which refrigerator weights are most likely to be incorrect?
    2.<span>       </span>If you had two attributes for Product Weight for Refrigerators, one called Product Weight and one called Weight, how would you decide which one was correct and which one should be used?

  2. is this your homework? haha
  3. This is more a mathematical problem than pure problem solving, but here goes nothing.
    1. You need to find the outliers of your data set. First you would make a population mean and find the standard deviation using the given data. Any outliers you find in this data set could thereby be deemed as likely be incorrect.

    2. It depends on the context which you should use. In my eyes, from the description given, the weight may be the packaging weight or something miscellaneous. This may be useful however if we're talking in terms of shipping, whereas the product weight would be used if your specifically, and only, talking about the product itself.
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  4. 1. Use mean, median. normal range is the most often and the median weights, outiers would be most likely incorrect.
    2. not really sure what you are asking.
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    You need to collect a sample relative to the amount of refrigerators sold. 
    You then need to work out the standard error (i'm assuming the results would be parametric for this?)
    You'd need to run a specific statistical test, depending on your data and standard error, to check your results.
    Mean medium and mode are great, but as a statistics student, i can make them say whatever the fuck i want depending how i handle the data. ;)
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  6. With a scale.....and a note pad....

    Of coarse i like to do things "hands on"
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    Unrelated but i googled 'Strange how laughter looks like crying without sound... Rain drops taste like tears...without the pain' 
    Not my usual music, but i like it. Thanks! +rep for nothing haha.
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    honestly not what usually listen to either.... but that whole album.... beginning to end.... just hit play...and burn one after another on an afternoon you have nothing else to do.....

    As for the layout....i am starting to find my way around a bit..... even if they rearranged.... its still home....
    when i get my statistics and psychobiology exam out the way in a few weeks i will do just that!
    I normally hate cheesy heavy metal guitars, but they have some really nice melody's and they dont over do it. :)
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  10. #1 has been answered, though I would probably just use sorting tools, etc. in Access, Excel or whatever they gave me to work with.
    #2 has me confused due to the implication that one is incorrect when they appear to be two ways to refer to the same thing. I would ensure they were indeed referring to the same thing in that case, I suppose...
  11. Definitely a unique sound... some of there other albums are more pop like....whatever... there are a few gems here and there outside the "wish" album.... but that is the one the guy put all(or most) of himself into....
    Sorry this is soooo off topic....
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  12. Thanks everyone.
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