Problem right before harvest, please help!

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    I believed harvest would happen this weekend, but apparently it still has another week or so to go. This is my first grow, and I have heard that the leaves turn yellow before harvest time. However, my leaves are getting dark brown and dying. I have no idea what it is, but the way it seems to spread has me worried that it's a fungus. I don't really have any idea, though, and I need help badly.

    The plants are 57 days into flower (just past week 8). I have been feeding only water for just over a week, maybe a week and a half. Is it just a nute deficiency? Maybe I should start back with some nutes, maybe the plants aren't as close to harvest as I thought? Look at the buds and tell me what you think. About 50%+ brown hairs, but almost no amber trichomes (all cloudy).

    edit: I am using Fox Farms Ocean Forest soil, and up until I started flushing a week ago, I was using Fox Farms Big Bloom nutrients. It's hard to believe a nute deficiency could set in that quickly...

    Any advice or info?

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  2. If you're going to harvest in one week, it's normal to happen. Since you've stopped nutes at this point, and I'm glad you did, the plants are using up all the nutrients in the leaves to finish off the buds. Since the leaves are yellowing and you're using regular water, you've flushed your buds nicely and they won't have a chemical taste or harsh smoke to them. So you're good.
  3. Dont worry about it, just chop em down in a week.

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