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  1. Well Swim is smoking some buds every day. Sometimes to much for that person I suppose because he/she lives with family at the moment. Might be a few months before they could get on there own. But they say that there getting high everyday and sometimes fears it may interfere with family life. Not to say he/she thinks marijuana is causing the problem. Just to say it can get somewhat psychologically addictive. Because he/she has addicts in family, and mental illness involved. So he/she thinks that they will probably just wait after this gram is gone. Since they havn't smoked in months before buying just 1 gram and its lasted 5 days and only half gone :O They say this never used to happen they could sometimes smoke an 8th a day and be fine in public. They say it must be a tolerance level that needs to build when they get there own place. Because in there opinion marijuana is very good at being a medicine for them. Seeing as they hav experienced the stress relief and it feels easier to meditate and focus on being positive. Which is very good for them they say. But family has seen them in a darker light unfortunately, and if they can't hide the red eyes and all the things that give it away. They probably dont want to continue smoking. Because its expensive on there meager budget and they sometimes get paranoid as well. But most of all to keep it cool between the family and them.
    What do you guys think? Just kinda chill and smoke at night a few times to get used to it when possible. Or would just focusing on pulling it off be possible? Like they said though it really helps and unfortunately illegal in there current state at the same time. So would you guys say just wait till you get to your own place so you don't have to hide it? Or even toss there half gram and take it as a lesson?
    Not to worried as they said. But just want some true opinions on there situation would really be nice to have. Just for a little guidance. 
    Thanks all!

  2. I guess it's all about education. Since i'm from the Netherlands, I'm used to people just telling their parents that they smoke weed. 
    This is also because parents know what Marihuana is. Meaning most parents have tried it, or know someone close who used it. Therefore it has a similar reputation as alcohol does in the Netherlands.
    So maybe people can tell their parents, as long as those parents know what it is. 
    Although the history of mental illness makes this one pretty tricky. Just control yourself, never smoke if you have something important to do after (or even the day after if your doing a lot) and as soon as you notice something unusual in your mental health condition: Stop.
    by the way i don't consider cigarettes, marihuana or such things to be addictive in any kind. These addictions don't exist, they're only there because of lack of self discipline. Wich is a mistake that's related to the person it's regarding to.
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    It this situation, I'd say smoking weed is more trouble than it's worth. Getting high is great, but it's a small, insignificant part of life; if smoking weed is causing stress in the family and putting a strain on you financially and you still feel a strong urge to get high, I'd say you already have an unhealthy attachment toward weed and should cut it out just for that reason alone.
    This is just my opinion, though.
  4. Let em smoke, it's their call
    Gotta disagree with this. Addiction is a true medical condition, though it is true that it varies from person to person. I somewhat agree with your position with so called "mental addiction" but there is such a thing as physical addiction where the physiological system of the body has been altered. In these cases, physical symptoms will manifest during withdrawal.
    As to the OP question, remember that the condition of our mind/spirit while using cannabis must exist in contrast to our grounded condition. If not, then we will slowly loose our grasp of reality and our path in the waking world.
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    You're definetly right about that. I know that addiction truly does exsist and is a medical based isue. That being said there are many people who use addiction as an excuse for lack of self discipline. My comment is strictly for those people.Sent from my LT26i using Grasscity Forum mobile app
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    You bring up an interesting point.
    Contrast to our grounded condition.
    Are you saying that the experience of going into the altered state should be seen more for information purposes only? That anything experienced while there is to be taken with a pinch of salt? If that's so, I think I get what you mean, but I'm not sure I agree on one level, and yet feel I must agree on another.
    There is much to be seen and understood in the altered state. I know it has helped me tremendously in seeing myself more clearly. In that sense, had I kept it as a contrast to my grounded condition, none of its insights would have been accepted. And yet, I can also see how using it too much, and relying on it as the main component of experience, can easily move one into psychosis, where reality can change, and the path accordingly.
    I'm saying that the way of the world is such that we do everything in cycles and phases. We are not meant to have only one state of consciousness. We are meant to experience the waking life and the dream world. The spiritual and the mundane. It is all part of having a well-rounded existence. For example: I am a very spiritually minded person, I often contemplate the dorment powers within human kind... but for all that I enjoy a hockey game as much as any sweaty screaming fan in the stands.
    With cannabis as with anything, obsession is always unhealthy.
  9. Although one man's 'obsession' may be another man's comfortable usage.
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    If you're under 18 and you have mental illnesses already (such as depression, bipolar, schitzophrenia, ect), I wouldn't abuse it. In some cases it can just make them worse, even get psychosis. As said above^, also said was that you need to be grounded, I second that, If your not grounded, you could begin to believe that your in a completely different reality and or a different person. I'm speaking all this from experience. I used marijuana habitually. I was high more than I was sober. That became my reality. I used it as a cruch. It got to the point where I had grandiose symptoms and had to be hospitalized and even went to jail. I was diagnosed with psychosis. I had many bad incidents throughout the few months I was ill. I'm now on a whole bunch of meds. I was sober for about 9 months (because I was on probation(colorcode), and because I wanted to), but then I broke and started smoking again. I been smoking for about two months now, practically once everyday. I do notice some of my previous symptoms, but I'm managing it (shit I'm high now :/). I certainly dont enjoy it as much as I used to. I would recommend bud with more cbd than thc, thc is psychoactive. For the record though I did have severe depression and bipolar, I was also young, still am. When you're young your brain is still developing. I will say this, I was never bored, my perception changed everyday, I could read and project body language extremely well, I was insanely observant, but in the end I was just batshit crazy. Went through some real tough times too. I guess all I can really say is to know your limit and moderation, meditation can also help. If you have any questions about it feel free to ask.
    Live Long and Prosper
    True, you cannot judge a person's use based on the amount they use or even the frequency. You can only look at how it affects their life. Cannabis works by empowering certain parts of our mind and suppressing others. Spiritual users of cannabis find that it suppresses their ego, opening them up to perceive the Divine spark in nature and the minds of others. This is a good thing in moderation, however our ego is there for a reason. Our ego enables our pride and drives us to succeed. It allows us to provide for our families and raise honorable children that will bear our legacy well.
  12. yeah I'm not smoking until I can actually grow my own shit or find indica or hybrid strains, I fucking hate buying from dealers not even knowing what I have, more sativa messes with my mind and reality too much.

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