Problem CFL light to PC PSU

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  1. Hi there, right now I've got an old PC PSU and I've got it grounded so it runs just fine without connections.

    I'm not very experienced when it comes to electricity, so bare with me this is an easy question.

    How do I connect the PSU to the base of a CFL light? (The scew in base).

    I see a silver and gold connector, and when I wire them either way they short out.

    I'm almost done my box!!!
  2. This is driving me insane, I've been at this for several hours.

    Could someone with some electrical experience pm me their contact info so I can maybe get some quick help?
  3. Well your CFL uses startard housing current (120v A/C) and your PSU converts 120v A/C to 5, 6, 9, and 12V DC current.. which is good for running 12v computer fans but not for powering your bulb. Just wire the base of the fixture to an old extension cord, alternatively you could wire it to the + and - input terminals on the PSU (where the source power connects to the PSU, on the inside, there are two silver plates coming out the other side. One of these is negative, and the other.. well you know.

    Probably easier to independantly wire it though.
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    Thanks for the reply I'm going to be right back after trying.

    I found an old clock, can I cut the cable from that? I assume it's the same as an extension cord but I'm unsure.
  5. Yeah any cord will do. I reuse old lamp cords etc. all the time.

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