problem after problem

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    starting to get pissed off.
    600watt hps with four other sisters
    77-81 F
    35-55% humidity
    40% perlite, 30% light warrior, 30% happy frog
    5 gallon pot
    6.7 PH runoff
    5-7 days between water
    general organics nutrients. last water she got her first feeding, 3ml calmag, 1ml BioThrive Grow, and 5ml BioRoot.
  2. All i grow is autos and i never give them anything but water for the first 3 weeks just let them do there thing remember its just a weed that will grow anywhere by its self
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  3. thanks, but this small ass plant is older then 3 weeks. i know autos supposedly don't need much nutes, that's why i cut my soil with seed starter. i want to know what's wrong with her. and for how many problems i have had with my grows, even tho i have professional equipment, read up on shit on the daily and love them, i can't believe that it'll always just grow by itself and not need any help. i'm starting to get real annoyed with this shit
  4. now can anyone tell me what the fuck is wrong so i can help this stupid plant before it's ruined like all the others

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