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  1. Well i got caught with not even a gram on me and a pipe. I have to go to court the 24th and im probably going to get on probation, hopefully i wont but if i do how do people go about smoking with drug tests all the time?
  2. Up to you on how much you want risk, and how big you are. I am a big guy and have been on probation for the last 18 months and I only smoked probably 3 times during that period. It just was not worth it to me. Ive talked to friends who smoke the day after their probation meeting and thats it and have even had a friend who is ballsy or stupid enough to smoke up till a week of the meeting. If you are a smaller body weight its much less riskier to smoke up closer to the meeting but I don't think its worth it IMO you can go to jail for violating your probation.

    My advice, weigh out the options and pick what best suits you, I know it's very hard after smoking freely to just have to give it up but sometimes you just gotta do what ya gotta do.

    BTW every one of the situations above where you smoke between meetings you definitly need to get a Detox drink. Detox drinks ussually run about $50 so thats extra money your spending every month to keep up the habit barely.

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