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  1. I've got court Tuesday and they're going to tell me whether I'm getting probation or not. If I get it, I think it will be about a week before they can get around to meeting with me. I've got this pill thats supposed to make me piss clean but I've read that most 5 panel drug test can detect an adulterant. If I fail my first drug test and pass every other one, what will they do? Send me to rehab? My charge is a DWI for alcohol. I haven't smoked since last Monday and figure three weeks would be about enough time for me to pass, but it's my 3 yr. anniversary with my girl and we want to smoke...any help would be amazing. Thanks.
  2. no one?? :(
  3. i failed a piss test when i was on probation, and even though i was 18 they didnt send me to court, i was given out-patient treatment, like a class with a D&A counseler. i cant say thats what theyll do for you, but if youre worried, dont rely on any quick fixes, no matter how much its guaranteed. stick to the essentials, drink water every day, sweat yourself (work out, run) and whatnot.
  4. Well here in Michigan my buddy got a DWI and got thrown on probation and he never gets drug tested by them. I'm on 18 monthes probation for "Intent to Distribute" and i still rarely get tested with ima known dealer. 99% of the time if you fail your drug test for the first time you will get a warning, but I can't say that because your not in my county. Just smoke and the day of the test, drink a whole bunch of water, and make sure you take Vitamin B-12, it makes your piss yellow.

  5. if your going to court,,, they will sentance you,,, then assign you a probation officer,,, that day youll report to them,,,,

    they will assign you your punishment, explain it all to you,, if drug classes are part of the plan,,,, then you have 1 month to start them,,,,

    on entering these classes you will be pissed the first day there,,, you are permitted to fail the first test,,,

    but for a d.u.i.,,, i wouldnt too much worry about a piss test,,,, so you got like 1 month and a week,,,,

    smoke that shit,, you and your ol-lady have a good time,,,

    currently on my 3'rd time in this bullshit system,,,

    believe me i get pissed,,,, often,,,:cool:

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