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Probation Question

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by lightupbong, Feb 4, 2011.

  1. Hey yall,

    I'm currently on probation for 12 months. Lets be hypothetical and say I violate it sometime within the year, and get slapped with 2 more years. 3 years total...

    Now, If hemp is legal on a nationwide basis by then, will I still be punished/required to abstain from hemp? It's in the terms of my probation, but since it will no longer be a controlled substance...well, you get the picture.
  2. Laws don't work retro-actively, but this is an interesting question. You would probably the best answer from a lawyer, or someone in the legal community.

    I wouldn't expect it to happen though.
  3. retro actively, so basically if im being punished for a crime, and that crime is deemed "uncriminal" years following, then im still inclined to serve the sentence...


    Hypothetically speaking, is that a likely situation (getting 2 years of probation added)?

    anybody ever violated their probation, and had to serve a longer term?
  4. I still dont see why the fuck your picture is ronald reagan....

    he was AGAINST pot legalization.
  5. lol its kind of like a sarcastic thing...

    i know reagan hated pot, he's the asswipe that said "smoking one marijuana cigarette is equal to the brain damage of being on bikini island during an h-bomb blast"

    i guess its my way of saying "hey look dumbass reagan is my avatar!"

    ya feel me bro?:smoke:
  6. Okay so I get what I thought about you is wrong.

    But I dont get what you are saying lol..

    Thats alright. today is not my day dude

    Im in math class today and I could not get what my teacher was explaining to me. took three students and her over my shoulder 2 times to finally get it lol...

    Feel free to elaborate, and I might understand it. Take a shot in the dark :p

  7. You're being punished for a crime you break while a law was active, just because they change the law, doesn't mean you didn't break it while it was in place. The US Law Machine is not about correcting poor behavior so much as it is about punishing those who don't obey because they didn't obey.

    Also, it really depends on what your on probation for.
  8. Yea it's a bummer.....

    i'm being punished for something that most people (i hope on this forum at least) would agree is non-violent and non-harmful...

    im sure everyone feels much safer now that im on probation, right?:hello:
  9. Even if a bill was passed to legalize it it wouldn't be put into effect for 1+ year(s) so it wouldn't be relevant.
  10. What if medical came into your state and you became a patient would that violate your parole?

  11. I think that because of your prior offense it would be difficult to obtain a medical card in the first place.

    Depending on your charge that is.
  12. i didn't read a single post except the OP's so nobody pull out the, "I bet you didn't read any of this thread" bullshit. mmkaay?

    But my answer is yes it would still be illegal for you to use weed because I bet they told you you can't use alcohol too, right?

    alcohol is legal so they wouyld do same thing

    sorry if this doesn't make sense im drunk

    oh yeah.. if it was prescribed through doctor it would be okay because they always tell you to "contact me if you get any medicine from a doctor"

    dfamn ive been on probation to many times
  13. lol how many times? haha and did it suck dick for you?

    i need support man, the probation support thread is garbage...
  14. Lol... yes it always sucks. Hard to explain, but if you have any questions ask though PM. I don't like to say a lot of things in public.

    Like how to pass piss test, or ways to get high and not worry bout drug test etc.
  15. Really? Two more years. And if you violate again you go to jail for that long. Dude, Just saying, that is not a plan. That's what not having a plan looks like.

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