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Probation question, please help!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by That0neDude420, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. so i was out past nine last night, and was driving with a bunch of people to go chill out at some house. little do we know we got the wrong address and ended up getting stuck in this random guys yard. out of 12 cars 3 of us got stuck and had to call our insurance company's to get our cars towed. the guy who owned the house came home and was very nice and reasonable about the situation he called the cops, but didn't press charges the cops took down all our information and gave it to the house owner to get a hold of us, but we have to go back and fix the yard and if we don't the cops will come to our houses and arrest us. is this a violation of my probation? i get off in like a month and i have never failed a drug test or ever got in any trouble on it. will my probation officer know about this? i have been on probation for a year and a half now which my original term is 3 years but if i was good id get off half way in a month.

    should i tell my officer about this? or will it fuck me over? or should i not say anything and she will never find out?

    my officer is really nice, and trusts me a lot will this all back fire on me for this one stupid incident?
  2. How the fuck do THREE people drive in someones yard?

    I'm not sure if its a probation violation to drive in someones yard, whats that, like destruction of property, or wreckless driving or something?

    But if the cops didn't charge you with anything then, you're safe unless the owner calls the cops back. He was probably just a little freaked out that 12 cars show up to his house and 3 get stuck in his yard, he probably wanted to make sure everything was under control and that no one tried to leave.

    That doesn't really matter, cause the guy said he wouldn't call the cops if you come fix his yard, so DO THAT if you don't want any record of it at all.
  3. Any negative contact with a police officer is a violation. Did it get brought up ? If not, keep quiet.
  4. there were a lot of tire marks all over the yard from people driving over is so we though we could all turn around cause the drive way was really small. and yeah the guy was really cool about it. we got to go fix it ourselves but my probation officer asks every month about police contact so i don't want to lie if she can find out other then that we weren't arrested of anything cop just took our info down and gave it to the owner of the house
  5. Probation officers only get notice if you have charges filed/pending against you. Such things as tickets and or minor run ins with the cops isn't something that should be stressed my man.

    Been on Probation for 3 years, Im Free now...I know that shit like the back of my hand.
  6. nope, i don't have to see my PO til the 20th of next month
  7. Did the cop ask you personally if you're on probation or anything? He could have also written that info down and kept it too for a report, or maybe he only had one copy and gave it to the owner.

    But I think if the cop never charged you with anything, it's not on the books. Unless the owner pressed charges and filed a report you should be good. If anyone else can help feel free.
  8. You only need to worry if the cop was aware, or said he would let your PO know.

    Don't hang out with idiots while on probation, by the way. All it takes is a dick cop to put you away right now.
  9. no he didn't ask if i was on probation, and i didn't say anything to him about it at all. he took our license's and wrote it down on note book paper then put it on a computer i think so if anything went wrong he would know where to come and arrest us. but yeah there are no charges filed against us just have to fix the damage we did and if we don't he would call the cops then charges would actually be filed. which at this point, and out of respect im obviously going to fix the damage i did. ive just been on probation for a year and a half and am looking forward to getting off and not dealing with this shit no more
  10. Yea you should be good, if she asks you if you had any run in with the police you can say no since nothing was filed.
  11. i dont get what u said happened, but if it wasnt your fault just tell him. youre supposed to tell them about any police contact, at least in nj.

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