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Probation Q

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by 2br02b, Jul 20, 2017.

  1. So I'm officially coming up on the end of my probo tomorrow at midnight and when I called my P.O to confirm she said I don't need to come in again and wished me luck. Should I wait the last 24 hrs or am I good to light up?
  2. Yeah it may seem like the longest day ever (if you're thinking about it all day) but if you've made it this far, wait the last 1 day in case she happens to pops in unexpectedly..

    Shit you posted that 2 hours ago you're prolly already baked lmao

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    Yeah I would say so...
    Unless you call her and tell her u need to meet her tomorrow asap and find a good time to meet...tell her u just wanted to make sure everything straight and you bought her a small present as a token of your appreciation...nothing big but you felt like you should...kinda pretend that u have a boyish crush on her and now is the time to make the move...but make it a bit awkward so that she is the one that doesn't want to meet the next day
    Blush with your voice ...try to set an informal time late in the evening on that last day just before she gets off her work shift...
    Smoke and chill...then just before the 24 hrs is up you be like hey lady I got robbed and held up at GUN point (and u was real scared and u thought of her some...) and they was hotboxing in the apartment but I'm good now...we cool...don't need to see u anymore....Thanks for being all u can be lady...I'll try to buy another gift for u soon as I get paid and I'll holla...u were good to me...I won't let u down lady...if she seems to like u take it from there and see if she got the hookup on some drug testing "man1pulation'
    Or just don't smoke till...

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  4. Just wait.

    But most people come here looking for confirmation because they are gonna be impatient and smoke regardless of what advice they get.

    Why spend your time being high and paranoid?
  5. Fuck that....celebrate early.

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  6. Im waiting. weedman isn't hitting me up anyways lmao
  7. Wow. You should have thought ahead my man...

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