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Probation over!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by purplecow1, May 26, 2010.

  1. Hey guys, my probation is finally over so thanks for all the tips and support the last few months. My charge has been dismissed. To anyone who is on probation, good luck and remember it will be over sooner than you know it. :hello:
    And hellooooo Mary Jane. How I love thee. :smoke:
  2. grats dude, enjoy your first smoke.
  3. haha niceeee :)
  4. I got excited because I thought the title read, "Prohibition over!"
  5. congratulations man. i'm getting drug tested through a diversion program and i have 6 months left. what keeps me going is thinking about how insanely high i will get the first time i can smoke again.

    i bet you're enjoying it:D:hello::smoke:
  6. Roll the biggest, dankest blunt you can and smoke it all to your face now:smoke:
  7. O SWEET! Smoke as much as you can man, just buy a one-way ticket to Marijauna
  8. congrats bro!! :bongin:

    im still on probo.... but that serenity/k2 stuff has been okay for awhile...

    but nothing compares to the real ganja!! :p
  9. Prohibition has been over for a long time....

    Grats to OP
  10. congratulations on making it to the other side! :hello:
  11. thats awesome dude!
  12. mine ends june 10th im so excited
  13. hell yeah man, i just got off 8 months of probaton.
    problem is i feel like im not getting high.
    evenn on dank :(
    im nervous about it man, i smoked that serenity/jwh-18 stuff and am scared it burnt out my thc receptors...

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