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Probation drug tests... unique question.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by LUDOVIC SFUMATO, Dec 9, 2011.

  1. Whats up guys? I'm on probation and have not smoked weed in like 8 months but thats not my issue. I get randomly drug tested and I am reaching the end of my trip (January 21st). I went to see my PO for the second to last time and she like clearly emphasized that she could drug test me at any random time and due to the holidays to be extremely careful etc etc, so she was basically telling me I will be drug tested in this coming month is what I deduced.

    Anyways I like to drink and I am on probation for a DUI (yes it will be bad if alcohol shows up) I was doing my research on urine tests and found that an ETG will positively test for alcohol within five days of consumption but to my understanding that test ONLY checks for alcohol correct? The drug test my PO described to me was one that would check for alcohol, THC, amphetamines and that type of stuff. I did my research and I think with a urine test that tests for multiple drugs, alcohol can only be detected for 24 hours, please please correct me if i'm mistaken.

    So I was wondering if any of you guys have had experience with this type of drug test and could let me know how long alcohol would be detected or what the name of this urine test is. If its any help I am not on probation with Department of Corrections but with a private state supported agency.
  2. Not sure the name, but I'm pretty sure alcohol leaves your system after a day or two. Gotta think about how much you piss when you drink haha
  3. True true, but like I was saying before that one test ETG can detect alcohol for like five days, proven. :eek: But I think it only tests for alcohol nothing else and that is not what my PO described, she said this urine test will test for all types of drugs, so I want to assume it will only be detected up to like 24 hours
  4. alcohol got you into this problem why would you chance getting into even more problems by drinking more alcohol?
  5. Because that wasn't my question

    Edit: Thanks though
  6. You're ignorance can ruin you..
  7. I think the more important question would be, if you are so close is it worth it to even risk it? It'd be pretty stupid to get caught.
  8. #8 LUDOVIC SFUMATO, Dec 9, 2011
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    Same goes for you cookie, I took the time to write out a well thought and thorough question but you felt a deep tug in your ass to come write a little preachy line that had absolutely nothing to do with my question. I did not ask for advice wether I should keep drinking,or wether "my ignorance will ruin me"

    Man because I just want to know and I am nearly positive there are posters who could help answer some of my questions. If it does indeed stay in my system for five days with any type of urine test then a random drug test would fuck me, hence I would not drink, if it was twenty four hours, I could drink on a saturday (the lab is closed sundays) and be clean pissable on monday. Method to the madness G
  9. Dude you can not pick who and how your question is answered.
    What your asking is something a addict or alcoholic would ask.
    Do the right thing and don't fuck around till your off probation.
    pretty simple really.
  10. What? how do I sound like an addict or alcoholic I was asking a question, only one person answered my question and somebody else kind of answered it lol. I am not picking who answers and how its answered but its like if a thread says "POST HERE IF YOU LIKE THE COLOR BLUE" and someone writes they like the color yellow what the fuck do they have to do with that thread? Same goes for me if somebody is trying to tell me something that has nothing to do with my thread why are they going to post it? Has nothing to do with it. I truly have no idea why some posters go around posting irrelevant things on threads and trolling... When a thread has nothing to do with me or I don't have the ability to answer the question I don't write in it. Anyways everybody has successfully trolled up my thread.
  11. Someone with common sense would noT push it with something that could send them back to jail.
    Would a 6 pack be worth more time in jail/probation?
    Think about it.
  12. #12 LUDOVIC SFUMATO, Dec 9, 2011
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    See that type of post I can deal with, one that talks sense and is calm. You are completely right it is not worth it one bit, but please see my thinking and rationing behind what I posted, which is just the reason why I posted my question.

    "If it does indeed stay in my system for five days with any type of urine test then a random drug test would fuck me, hence I would not drink, if it was twenty four hours, I could drink on a saturday (the lab is closed sundays) and be clean pissable on monday."

    Tell me what I am rationing does not make sense? Never once did I say I was going to continue drinking, just trying to do some research is all.

    But if you want to play the common sense card, anybody who smokes weed must not have common sense because what they are doing is illegal (for mostly everybody) and can land them in jail! So why do it? There are cigarettes that are legal and are like the same thing as a marijuana cigarette, so why don't we all just do that. But like I said dude I was just trying to get some answers on my question, I wasn't trying to spray troll-attractor on my thread.
  13. I have had friends on probation and 5 days is correct. I called them dumbass's too for trying to beat the system and failing. Yeah I am kind of a dick .

  14. Couldn't notice ;) But alright cool, thanks.
  15. OP are you a healthy person?
  16. From the sound of it you have done your research on the subject and sounds like you already know the answer. I do know that my roommate went to meet with his PO and got his random drug test and he was drunk the day before (around 24 hours) and alcohol did not show up on his system so i believe you are correct in assuming that you will be safe to drink, if you choose to chance it.
  17. Former Poster, Yes I am very healthy.
    Latter Poster, thanks I did kind of know the answer but some reinforcement is never a bad thing, I think I am going to have to pass up on the alcohol. But come on throw me a bone in a span of ten days my birthday will pass, the end of the semester will pass, Christmas Eve and Christmas will pass not to mention new years is going to pass me by the time I am done with probation.

  18. Just make up for all the drinking you missed by having one fun ass weekend as celebration for passing.
  19. Listen bro, everyone has a different body, alcohol would remain in my body for a day, but could remsin in yours for more then that. and about the test, they could take youe puss, divide it into 4ths or 8ths, etc, and test you that way.

    words of advice; FUCK ALL OF THOSE NEW YEARS DRINKING FESTS AND STAY CLEAN. i've been in a position very identical, not as serioys, but still identical. don't fuck up what you have worked for...
  20. yo u seem like ur fiendin bro... cut that shit out before u get ur head rocked

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