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Probation and drinking

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by spartanstoner, May 15, 2011.

  1. I very well might be going on probation here in a few weeks here and iv been told by the prosecutor that the judge would probably make me take breathalyzers along with my drug test. I only got busted with a bowl and the stop and search itself are both questionable.

    I dont understand how they can give me this stipulation im 21 have never had a crime involving alcohol or have been to rehab. I get that they will say alcohol is an addictive substance and not smoking marijuana will make me drink more. But its legal what the hell do they care about me drinking. By this this logic i shouldnt be allowed to smoke cigarettes, drink coffee, have sex, gamble, masturbate, play video, overeat. etc...... thsoe are all things that can be adictive and cause great harms to a persons life or health. its just stupidity and hypocrosity.

    is this normal most people on probation for buds or is this just a jackass judge? my bust occured in oakland county michigan wich is like the county in the country to get busted for anything in( or at least one of them)
  2. bump, come one this is a serious question here, im not just trying to vent.
  3. It is pretty strange they would want to breathalyze you, seeing as though it is legal to drink if you are 21 and it will only reveal anything up if you are currently intoxicated.... I'm pretty speechless, actually.

  4. im alread facing the testing as im on bond right now ( i know for a bowl right) and sometimes when its a tuesday at 6 and im blowing on the machine i almost have to laugh. who fails that at that day and time.
  5. It's totally random? They just walk into your house and force you to start blowing?

    Alcohol is pretty easy to get away with. It doesn't stay in your system for longer than 24 hours, if that. If you know you're going to probation the next day, just don't drink.

    The risk seems much much less than trying to get away with smoking on prob.
  6. im asigned a color and everyday at noon the list gets updated i have unitll 7 pm that day or 9 pm the next day to go in.

    but what sucks is that next year when im back at college the place up therer uses a different method in which you must do it that day and you dont have the benefit of waiting till the next morning if your hungover that day. and college is when you gotta drink.

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