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  1. So I wasn't sure if this is where I should post but...

    Me and my friend were going back to his place to smoke cuz we just bought a quarter bag (about 8 grams) and unforuntenly got pulled over. So the cop comes and does the regular license and registration thing. Goes back to the car and comes back like it's all good then pulls up a k-9 unit of Course! Were fucked so i took some of the weed in my jar and we both got issued a possesion ticket.

    The point of this was to say any similar things happen to you? And any tips or support through this difficult time of sobrity from weed.

    I have about 2 1/4 months left but am having a hell of a time getting through without the urge to get high .

    Thanks any tips or info would be appriciated
  2. Well what do you want us to tell you? Your already on probation, your gonna get off in 2 1/4 months. That's pretty much it, just don't smoke and you'll be fine.
  3. i was on probation for a year when i was PO was cool and i never got drug

  4. For real? That's some cool shit, I know a couple probation and parole officers that smoke. Ironic, huh? :laughing:
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    Or jk, don't do coke, just wait it out, bout all you can do.
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    Synthetics, they get you high... but you might die

    And yes that rhymed

  7. yeah, i was always clean just to be safe but..yeah he never did it....
  8. So do you get drug tested? If not get high.. Or if you have weekly or every 2 week tests then get high at the beginning of the week.

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