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Probably a stupid question. (It is.)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 420blunt, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. could you eat a roach and get high? i was listening to cypress hill's song roll it up light it up smoke it up.
    and he says smoke the joint down to a roach then i ate it.
    so.. could you? since it is technically combusted im assuming it would work?
  2. Why not just smoke it til its done? and then throw it away..

  3. not a answer i was looking for. yes. lets throw it away and waste it. instead of figuring it out.
  4. like you ate the paper too?
  5. No, eating it won't get you high. And it's not combusted. All of the other stuff that you smoked is. This part has not yet been burnt. And even if it was, eating burnt weed is not going to get you high. It needs to be in something like alcohol, oil, glycerin, etc in order to extract the thc. Don't eat it, it's a waste. Smoke what you can then put the rest in a bowl and smoke that.
  6. What the fuck? It's a song, why would you eat a half burned bud, half paper piece of shit? That's nasty.
  7. haha, no.
    Maybe if you eat a billion roaches you'll be buzzed, but that aint gonna happen.

  8. yes it is a song. and why not? thats why i was asking the question. all feedback counts.
  9. the weed is partially combusted man, has to be, at least right behind the cherry.
    does anyone know what temp the cherry would normally burn at??
    thatd tell you the answer

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