proactive creeps me out

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  1. I'm sitting here,
    and I haven't gotten all my shit together yet

    turned on the TV just for the background noise
    don't even have my glasses on yet

    and I just let the menu guide roll and a proactive ad is up right now.

    and Avril Levign (spelling-I don't care)
    is talking about how embarrassing and insecure she was to go into high school with zits because it wasn't cute and no on liked it. They had Katy Perry say about the same. The commercial also talks about confidence and how people now feel great with it. I know Proactive doesn't work like they make it sound (I never used it, but I know people who have) and wow

    someone was just like, "I love my skin, and it is all because of Proactive"

    It trips me out
    They way I interpret it, it's sending subliminal messaging in a sense that you should be ashamed of acne and that it is ugly and you should have low confidence and be insecure about acne. They ended the ad with, "because sexy skin is always in" admittedly, great advertisement design. Really.
    But it still disgusts me. I think it makes a bunch of people with acne feel bad about it without them thinking of it. Whether it be indirect or the result of people without it being condescending. This whole thought system/beliefs have been around for a lot longer, but it still confuses me.

    Thankfully I never had bad acne.
  2. In my freshman year of high school I had sever acne and Proactive worked perfectly for me, I still use it to this day, it cleared my face completely in 4 weeks. The only problem with it is that if you quit using it, you will outbreak 10x worse then before u started using it.

  3. Yeah I have heard of that. But what I'm getting at is how their commercials seem to make people feel the need to buy there product. It is a very good form of manipulation. It seems better than Bowflex and other home gym commercials. This one really makes people feel bad about something natural. I mean, props for clearing it up.. but it's still odd to me how they decide to shape people's thoughts
  4. My skin is great now, and it's all thanks to Proactive. I don't know where I'd be without it. I think it's helped me to not only be more confident, which has led me to a solid career, but also be more attractive which has allowed me to reach my full potential within my relationships with the opposite sex. I think I owe my entire success to it, and yes i'm just fuckin' with ya. Hahah, gotcha good. I've never used it man, just Neutrogena face wash at the moment, which works pretty good for me. lol, peace~
  5. It's an ad? I thought that was the entire point. "You're ugly if you don't buy our product, but if you do you'll look like a fucking model."

    "Your kitchen and house will look like garbage if you don't buy this fucking orange sponge."

    "You will smell like shit and not get any bitches if you don't buy our bodyspray."

    "Your kids will be bored as fuck and constantly annoying if you don't buy this toy."

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    That's all you get when you turn on the tv. Manipulation. It's all control by making you believe what you have isn't good enough. It's all labels and manipulation. Let it sit on your brain for a little while. Everything ever invented by man has been to make our lives easier, but only complicates the world more. Then we make new things in attempt to further control. Proactive is just a pimple on the face of it all. Good marketing is just the same. Best to just accept it and strap in.
  7. I know it is all mind manipulation, but they do a really damned good job at it
  8. Apparently staying adequately hydrated really helps keep acne under control.

    I never had it, just the occasional pimples. I get almost the same amount of pimples now as I did in high school lol, it's never really bothered me.

  9. I have to wear finer cotton shirts otherwise I get little zits around where my sleeves sit. I never really understood it completely, but it didn't entirely both me either. I like softer cotton anyways, so win/win

    You're probably right about the hydration part. Most of the people with bad acne simply have a bad diet. Some probably have a good diet that have bad acne, but it does seem more uncommon.
    truth about hydration is so many of the everyday problems people have is the result of not drinking enough water. I usually go through 100 mL a day when I'm staying active, sometimes more. If I'm not doing a whole lot, it usually stays a bit under 100 mL throughout the day.
  10. I remember in grade 9&10 I had pretty bad acne... it was also a pretty stressful time and I see now thats what probably caused it. I tried proactive (which was like 10x more expensive a while ago) and it did make a difference forsure... maybe alot of its in your head? but I mean the bottles were small and after a while it didn't seem to work as good.

    glad thats over :smoke:

    I've also seen Jessica Simpson on alot of the pro-active commercials... and I agree, great advertising but at the same time isn't helping alot.
  11. Acne is disgusting and something ugly IMO.

    It didn't work for me it just toasted my face and made it feel like it was on fire.
  12. I've never had bad acne, that covered my face and shit...I used to get huge ass zits on my nose though, shit was so embarrasing, i hated it...I starting using those oxy pads or whatever they're called.
  13. Fuck proactive.

    That shit didn't work for me.. and I even applied it twice a day.
  14. They're subliminally saying "Buy this and you will be sexy and confident" which indirectly makes you think that if you don't buy it then you wont be.

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