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  1. The other day I bought an Orion ProScale. The piece of shit was $30 which wasn't too expensive, if it actually worked that is.. When I put in a new battery it still says 'Lo'. Does anyone have a solution to this problem? It's brand new and hasn't been dropped. I've been treating the fucking thing like my child. :mad:
  2. try a new battery.

    make sure contact points are in contact lol
  3. Dude I use a my weigh 300z or a 400z. Search online for old will knot. Cheapest prices on lots of scales. I've been using the same ones for years. Takes regular batteries, (not watch batteries), and comes w/ a calibration weight to make sure it's always on point. Lid can be used as a tray. Goes up to 300g or 400g depending on the model you get.

    I got mine from old will knot's ebay store for like less than $20.

  4. Yeah, sadly I did throw in a new battery and fiddled with the metal contact points but, the thing wouldn't work.

    I called the headshop I bought it from. I asked for a receipt this time. Mailing this bad boy to Pro Scale so those bitches can send me a new one.
  5. mine did the same thing when i put new batteries in might need to face both batteries the same direction like mine...its a weird battery set up but thats how mine is


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