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Privacy MMJ

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by sushi_n_blunts, May 24, 2010.

  1. Hey everyone
    I was wondering about the privacy of your name when obtaining a medical card. I play football in college and we get drug tested a couple times a year but have managed to stay clean when i have to test. My question is that if i get my card will my name be availible to the public, or can any people obtain this information im hoping to play pro ball someday and dont want everyone to know i smoke the ganj
    thanks in advance
  2. What STATE? :confused: The laws vary from state to state!

    In California, where I am, all you need is your doctor's recommendation! (don't leave home without one) The state card is optional here. They are useful if you are a "cop magnet", or go to wild "Animal House" parties, but if you are reasonably discrete, they are an unnecessary expense.

    Dispensary cards are needed to legally buy, but they have nothing to do with the government- they are just an ID card to identify you to the dispensary. They save the dispensaries from having to call your doctor each time to verify that you are legit.

    Everywhere, your doctor cannot rat you out- he would lose his license if he did! :eek:

    Good luck in college. I hope to see you on TV some day. I enjoy watching the Raiders. :p

    Granny :wave:
  3. Thanks that was helpful
  4. Actually, all your medical records are protected by FEDERAL HIPAA laws. IF there is a master-data-base of patients, such as the one in California that contains the names of all the patients who have opted into the State ID Card, it CAN be accessed by the Feds, however, they are obliged to do no harm or release that information to anyone.

    If you are planning on going pro however, know that the NFL will conduct drug testing and your patient status will not absolve you from punishment should you fail the drug test.

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