Prisoned in society

Discussion in 'General' started by ubik, Apr 22, 2003.

  1. We were talking about this few days ago. really, there's not an alternative, you're supposed to live a machine like life, obey laws that limit your personal freedoms, pay taxes, get a job and spend you're time doing something for someone who profits from you. If you want to go and live in the woods just by yourself hunting your own food and such it won't take long before there's someone wanting to tax you from this and that. And everywhere you're being monitored, judged, critisised, outlined etc. if you don't want to live in the society of modern times. This may sound like and useless complain but why do we have to do this? why can't I do what I want out side society, out of wellfare, jobs, mortage, police etc. I feel like sometimes this is an prison. I'm supposed to be happy going out in malls buying stuff, eating at Mc Donalds bla bla bla THAT'S NOT WHAT I WANT!!!!!! well peace....
  2. i agree totally ubik, that is really what i want to do, i can't stand all the bull shit that is fed to us continuously. i look at it alittle differently though, i feel that society is detached from the world. i just want to be part of this planet, not part of the problem. i moved to the city for school and i really feel trapped and lost. it depresses me, but i only have a couple of weeks until school is out. at that time i am going to go to the ozark mtns. and camp for a week at this great spot that i know of, fresh drinking water flows out of the top of the mountain. there is a large overhang with a 12' waterfall flowin over it into a large circular pool. i probably won't do any hunting, but there is a crystal clear river at the base of the mountain so i might do some fishing. and there are people who accomplish this feat of living outside of society, one happens to live on the mountain that i was talking about. they never leave the mountain, they pay taxes but it is like $25 a year and they make that by growing veggies and selling them at a local market. their job is surviving out there, they do all the farming by horse, they don't really have any need for money, just to fuel their vehicles when they go to town.
  3. i know what you guys mean. no matter where you are, most of us live in a modern society where everything is about work and taxes...and drugs. i was in Laos last summer wich is still pretty much a thrid world country and i have to say that those were some of the most peaceful couple of months ive had since then. i think people long for a sense of closeness with nature and the community around them, something you wouldn't necessarily be able to find in the modern world. but it's all just a trade off.
  4. It's all about hurry hurry hurry we have to go nOW! it's like an humans life is supposed to be like an tube or something in wich you go in when you go to school and then just wander trough it going to other schools and getting jobs etc. etc. and then when you retire bah! where's the life gone? what do I do now? I mean, I want to LIVE my life not like it' supposed to be, vacuum packed and extra cheap, I fi´nd no interests in being a part of this "monster"... I mean there's alot of good stuff in it too but there's more on the negative side.

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