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  1. In defense of that spending there was a possiblity that Iraq had Nuclear Weapons. A country with a history of violence as it had and an enemy of the US should not be given that luxury in my opinion.

    But on the other hand we could have a clean enviroment.
  2. war is war, but when we help starving people in BFE with millions and madd food, while the poverty rate in this country is increasing, there is numberless amount of homeless people and people that dont have shit. so why do we help out everyone else while this country is in dire need of the same help. that gets me
  3. I hope you've seen the suffering in other countries first hand. Otherwise, you have no idea. People in this country have so much more opportunity than people in countries where we help out. People in the US have a chance to be successful and live a long prosperous life, in third and second world countries, thats just not the case.
  4. its time to impeach that incompetent fuck.
  5. wait a minute. Who made Iraq a third world country? That would have to be the United States of America. Before we came in they were on the verge of being a first world country, not trying to be a dick, but ya...
  6. We need to pull out of Iraq. Fuck it. What's the point?

    Also, not to sound like a dick, but I don't think we should worry ourselves with the problems of third world countries. America needs to stop being world police. We have poor people in our own country, take care of them before you take care of the poor of another country.

    And in my opinion why bother taking care of another countries poor.
  7. yes i have been to darfur and seen it first hand, yes its sad. but when there are people in this country that cant afford the medicine they need to stay alive, or the people with jobs that cant buy the necessities because the cost of living is so high, it makes a bigger impact on me, than a village in africa. why cant we take care of our own people? why do we have to help the world, before us? yes there are poorer nations, but fuck there are richer ones also. i jus think its fucked up to see our people struggling while we are helping everyone else.
  8. I'm not going to turn this thread into an Iraq war thread but c'mon ROL. Possibility???????
  9. he may not be the best, but it will take much more to change this country than one man.
  10. Yeah for some reason our president is always looked at as the single power of our country. I'm a little dazed right now but doesn't Congress decide by vote who we declare war on?
  11. sorry man but the cold hard facts are we will always use oil, we'll use it till there aint none. no ones ever going to make a real effort to find another fuel source. you know why? it would cost to much not just my pocket but look at transportation cost. trucking companies would have to either convert or buy new vehicles to use to deliver all our consumer goods,which in turn would raise the price of everything. same with airlines, shipping, the cost would be so great that they could never pass the cost onto the common man. and you aint useing my tax dollars to bale out the companies. theres plenty of oil, why, we could use the same process the nazi's used to extract it from coal.
    as far as iraq, you have to relize by now that......of course it was for oil......we need oil,,, so we cant let unfriendlys have complete controll over the worlds oil fields.

    every country everywhere has envaded somebody for thier resources, it alwaysa has been it always will be. just the way it is. lifes a shit storm and the worlds a cold hard place, thats why i get high to escape to a better place time asnd again.

    p.s. Vote republican
  12. I never said the US was a good entity for helping these countries. I think all us fortunate enough to be successful should lend a helping hand. The US has a way of making problems and then making more problems to solve the original.
  13. Things won't change after he's out of office, look at what happened after the democrats took over congress, jack shit that's what.

    He's just a figurehead anyway, I don't believe he makes any of the decisions that have been made during his time in office.

    Also I believe his incompetance is by design. If people think he is half retarted then the average person will shrug off his bad decisions as incompetance rather than a deliberate choice made with corporate interests in midn rather than the people of this country.
  14. Impeaching Bush and killing Osama are kind of the same. Removing them is only symbolic but it would make me feel better.

  15. Although I agree with you that we should not be the "world police", alot of countries still need help, and were not the only country who is helping others.
    Also we need to get rid of Al Qaeda, they're little terrorist organization has gone far enough

  16. No they weren't. America's given Iraq a government and saved the lives of thousands of Iraqis when Saddam and most of his organization were taken out. Did anyone else here see the news report on one of the mass burial tombs in Iraq?

    Yeah, American troops discovered one of Saddams burial tombs were hundreds of innocent civilians were murdered by Saddam and his forces. I quote "He didn't try to interrogate people. He would round up 20 or 30 people and murder them on the spot. He enjoyed killing people."

    Name one richer nation.
  17. Legality of the Iraq War

    That is true, yes. Congress puts it to a vote and the house decides if an act of war would be the best course to take. It's merely the president who puts the idea out there for them to chew on in any legal situation. After a declaration of war is proposed, the United Nations is alerted and the act of aggression is put to a vote there. After they allow the act of war to further itself, full power is given to the commander in chief and it's all systems go.
  18. As far as taking care of other countries poor, i agree with you 100%. the same goes for aids relief in africa. hey im sorry there are problems there but how much of the relief dollars actually go to the poor and aids stricken? very little most of it is taken by warlords and corupt politco's.
    as far as countries that we have invaded like iraq, well you have to relize by now the reason we invadfe is the same reason all armies have invaded, to secure thier natural resorces for our own.
    and as far as pulling out of iraq or anywhere else, do you think for a minute that anyone you elect is going to bring all the troops home? dont be niave. we will always maintain bases in iraq and afganistan. that way we have iran basically surrounded, and the middle east is where all the oil is, and we need that oil to flow. and with a maintained troop presence in the middle east, we can insure it will flow into our economy.
    why do you think we dont go into darfur and other troubled regions? they got nothing we need.
  19. We dont need no stinkin perrmission from the united nations. we only go to them to try and get a colition of countries to fight along side of us, but theres no fuckin requirement for us to ask permission of the crooked ass united nations if we can bomb another country. the united nations sucks anyway, if we pulled out they would financially colapse. fuck them, fuck them with a big rubber dick, then break it off and beat them over the head with it.

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