Prince Albert

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  1. So Its time for a change in my life and i was thinking about getting the good ole boy pierced albert style. Any thoughts on that if you have one or have been on the receiving end of the prince. Im not a small guy if ya catch my drift and a lot of woman say the prince can be painfull and others say its great. I have been too big for some of my smaller gf and i would hate to really hurt them by getting a metal rod in my guy.
  2. Ah-ha-ha-ha... no. Why any man would want to put a needle through his peedle is so far beyond me.
    But good luck to you, I guess.
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    Hahahaha why anyone would put a spike though the dike is beyond me.
    Go find a girl with a pin in her clit and maybe you two can make sparks when you fuck.
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  4. Well it interested me when i read reports that girls have like 5 orgasms to every guys one with the prince. And if thats true needle down the peedle
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    Down? o_O
  6. Thats the prince down the d hole and out
  7. Oof. That sounds gnarly dude...
  8. so, you are going to mangle your junk because of what you read on the internet. :metal:
  9. I can't think of a single time that I've talked to a girl and heard them say that a PA is sexy...... What for???????

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