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  1. any other PRIMUS fans here? i just saw them last night, and it was mindblowing! two whole sets, the first mostly Seas of Cheese and second a complete rendition of Frizzle Fry. i had all day to sleep and i'm still exhausted from it.

    oh, and these two guys at the show shared some weed with my friends and i out of a nice glass chillum. haha

    When i need relief
    I spell THC..

  2. I missed them, but I had friends that went and saw them at Radiocity Theater. I am really mad, i didnt go because I was saving my money for lollapalooza, which is now fucking cancelled!
  3. I missed them too (DAMNIT) but am a huge primus/claypool fan. my bf and i have been trading CD's alot and got a bunch of live primus... great quality for live music! man, wish i could go, i've seen les and his various projects live but never primus. hopefully one day...
  4. Let me start off by saying I HATE YOU. No just kidding, I just love Primus and I missed em this time around. Damn did I want to see all of Frizzle Fry live! All of Seas was amazing. Did you go to both tour de fromage and halluciogenetics?

    Just look at my sig! Primus is so fucking amazing, I truely will love them to death. Great stoned music, but I love it sober just as much.
  5. i really lucked out on the Fromage tour, they came by twice (11/17 and 11/18). bad thing about November was, the place they were playing was all seated, buuut... after the 18th show my friend and i waited outside for a couple hours and met the band =-). they signed my poster and my arm (that's Ler who signed with a smiley face). we didn't meet them this time around, but the show was definately more intense, and it was GA which made it all the better.

    i'm sure you guys know, but there are audience recordings at and, of you can buy soundboards from share the love.


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  6. double post n/t
  7. This is fromt he Hallucino show. that's me on the far left

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  8. Primus is definitely the best live band i've ever heard. Too bad i haven't seen them live :rolleyes:

    But why in gods name would you want to save your cash for dollarpallooza? It's the ultimate sellout gig if you ask me, and this years lineup didn't have a single band I cared about.

  9. This was the only year I have ever been interested about... The reason why is...

    Modest Mouse
    The Pixies
    The Flaming Lips
    Sonic Youth
    The Walkmen
    Stringcheese incident
    and more...

    For $40 you are nailing many a bird with one stone. But it got cancelled...

    As for the sellout part, give the musicians a break. All of those bands have ideals that just arn't completely reallistic. If you were a musician barely supporting yourself and suddenly you could make a living doing what you love don't tell me you'd tellt hem to fuck off and continue to pump gas.
  10. ahhhhhhhh PRIMUS SUCKS!! saw em at bonnaroo and it was truly an experience. i was coming down off a brownie and just come from the dead and they blew me away. cannot wait to see primus or one of claypool's side projects again. my friend also picked up the animals should not try to act like people cd/dvd and the dvd is pretty awesome. i definitely recommend it.
  11. Love'em. Just Love'em. But they rarely come to Europe, so I haven't seen'em live yet. I heard they are working on a new album?
  12. the last two tours haven't had any Brown Album or Antipop material, because they're with their old drummer again. there's some speculation about a new album, but it's only speculation at this point.

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