Prime Times

Discussion in 'General' started by KushFarmer, Aug 30, 2008.

  1. Is it prime time for a Prime Time?
    fav flav?
    you dig em?
    thoughts and feelings?
  2. They are good, but i tend to buy Honeytimes because you get 20 in a pack for the same price as 10 PT....fuckin love em and havent had one for a couple months now....damn
  3. Im generaly not a huge tabaco fan but for some reason i just love PT's, i have tried honey times to but only vanilla, grape is my fav PT
  4. has any one seethose happy hour pts?
  5. i guess everyone hates primes times
  6. never herd of em, what are they? im assuming there blunts/cigars???
  7. Cigars I believe...

    I've had these. They sell them at a few placxes around here. They're cool.
  8. Lol, thanks Gimme, I was so confused at first.

    I thought it had to do with flava flav or something....
  9. lol same, when i first read it i was like "yeeeaaah booooy"
    flaavvvor flaaaaav!!
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    theyre cigarillos. when i lived in cali, the girl i lived with smoked cherry primetimes. im a cig smoker, so inhaling cigars is kinda gross for me. but she sure liked them. i dont see them around much.
  11. maybe there not as big in the states? i dunno. here in canada eh people love em
  12. well they had them in colorado and cali when i lived in those two glorious states. but im not sure if ive seen them here in florida. but then again, i havent been looking. kinda gross if you ask me.
  13. Hey what's goin on?
  14. mmmm, drool just thinking about them
  15. Hey holy shit i still have my rep after not posting for the summer! :D
  16. haha the last two weeks i have been puffin on prime times like a fuckin animal....cherry and vanilla are my flaves
  17. yeah they are good once in a while
  18. isnt that the truth KushFarmer! Grape cigarillos in general are the best
  19. hmmmm never heard of these before
  20. Oh.
    i see what you did.
    Prime times...and your primetime.


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