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  1. I think every good Marijuana forum should have this topic.

    So I will start us off and give away my little secret.

    I was previously paying up to 250 for an ounce of some 50s...from a friend.

    However, I recently found the hookup who sells straight up an ounce for 170. This is a great deal considering I can go flip side and sell these danks as 60s an eigth. Which, no need to say, is a great thing since I get back my money easily on a quarter and an eigth.

    I get loads of cash and lots of essentially "free" buds.

    I play this every weekend, and buy an ounce on Friday, sell it until that night, then get high all weekend...I end up with about half an ounce to myself when the weekend is up (since I'm not the only one supplying buds). But I end up with 200.00 cash in pocket and a half an O EVERY weekend!

  2. 250? thats a lot! well maby its just cheeper in st louis. 100oz

  3. Illinois is not known for its great prices.

    I do, however, get a good hookup whenever I go into the city (chicago), I can get 100ozs.
  4. I also live in the MO area, 100oz (your normal stuff, nothing special) .. 150oz for real real good stuff... and haven't payed for any oz higher then that.


    ... odd prices, and if you think logical not the best, but you understand.
  5. Well here I pay about 160 for high mids and I pay 200 for some very good Kind bud.
    But as a very special treat for me and my friends we get some stuff from new mexico every three months that is seriously some one hit shit and pay $100 for a 1/4, kinda high but WELL worth it.
  6. so we all live in the middel of the country. wow

  7. I live in Washington state and our prices are very expensive IMHO for the commercial industry.

    Depending on quality
    $280-340 oz.
    $140-170 half
    $70-80 quarter
    $40 eighth ALWAYS
    $20 1.5 g. Haven't seen one in a LONG time.

    It's funny really, I always hear that Washington is ranked like #7 for best buds and that the prices are always good, but I never find good prices. That's why I've been so dry lately. I'm not gonna shell out $80 for a quarter, no way. When I was in HIGH school I was getting quarters of DANK for $35. Nowadays, everyone around here is just looking to make money. I miss HIGH school prices... [​IMG]

    Peace, Love, Unity, Respect!
  8. Damn, DeeJay. Those prices SUCK!

    20 will get you an eighth around where I live. About $100-$150 for an ounce.

    Peace [​IMG]
  9. I pay $0 for my buds, if I don't have my own I have a buddy mail me an OZ to get me by.
    BUT I did however just get back from washington state(Inlaws) and they pay $50-1/8 or $300 an OZ.
  10. I also pay $0 for my buds [​IMG] but I do know the prices around here in southren Ontario it's
    $20=half quarter
  11. Well, I was going to donate, but since you don't want to deal with narcs....


    Pretty much, though, it is dangerous to deal with strangers.
    *sorry* [​IMG]

    I mean, you're pretty and all, but I like my freedom, don chya know.

    Half quarter? Would that not be an eighth? I've never heard it called a half quarter before.
    BTW, I like those prices!!! I'm guessing that you're from the southern USA. Those prices are mouthwatering indeed!

    Peace [​IMG]

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  12. *sob* *sob*

    I feel your pain, sister. There's plenty o pot where I am, but I told my dealer to go fuck himself when he sold me an eighth for $40. I weighed it and guess what? 2 grams! w00! Bastard. Too many scandalous fucking people in the world. If pot is so easy to grow and so simple to cultivate, why the FUCK do people insist on ripping fellow potheads off. I just don't understand. I head my pops talk about getting a '4 finger bag' for $10 in the mid 70s. Dammit. Sorry boys and girls... I just had to vent my fustrations. I think I may just gamble with an on-line person. I figure, if I'm gonna get ripped off anyways... [​IMG] Damn. I think I am gonna cry... hehe.. PLUR!

    Peace, Love, Unity, Respect!
  13. BudBurner, was that guessing your from southren USA comment directed towards me? Cuz I'm from Southern Ontario (Canada) oh and it's $1000 a pound.


    Good dope too,I grow Shunk#1, Haze, White Widow,White Rhino,NL#5,Hindu Kush,Peak 19 and somemore...But I would really like to get ahold of some blueberry seeds for this outdoor season and then start selling that off.
  14. not in my southern ontario those prices are way low....more like,

    65-75.00 can. = 1/4 oz
    200-300.00 = 1 oz
    800-1200 = Q pound
    (for decent smoke) [​IMG]
  15. Prices are soooo high here ,and supply is sooooo unreliable ,that I would rather import
    the quality I prefer and the honesty I demand..........Oh say from a place like The Netherlands [​IMG]
    I am fully aware of the extenuating circumstances of my own personal actions (which I do not recommend to those who have not made themselves likewise aware).........but .......there it is ! [​IMG] [​IMG]
  16. Just moved to Los Angeles, and I heard it was expensive down here, but I was taken back by how much and 1/8th cost: 75 dollars. One more reason why I want to go back up to Northern California.

  17. Is that for Mexischwag or did you find some dank dank??? If you found dank dank, get used to it. $60-85 for greenbuds down there. You may jus wanna buy mexibrown, go to, order a kif daddy, and make some hash out of that mexi brown crap. :) PLUR!
  18. Wish_I_Was_In_Amsterdam,

    Do you have an anonymous e-mail address I can e-mail you at? Or, you could drop me an e-mail @

    there are underscores between the words, not sure if they show up or not.


  19. I can get an O for $185.

    and alot of "eighths" are 2G around here, scandalous mother fuckers.
  20. I hate paying money for weed. Growing your own is the only way out. My plants aren't ready so I'm still buying.

    $25 - 8th ALWAYS!!
    $120/$150 - half
    $200/$300 - oz (depending on quality)

    A few weeks and I won't be on the weed search for a long while!! Yee-har!

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