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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Menchville, Jun 12, 2013.

  1. I am thinking about making a drive to Colorado to pick up some personal for a month or so.
    Trying to crunch these numbers...
    How much would a quarter pound go for in Denver? All qualities(GreenHouse, Outdoor, Indoor)
    And then how much is a quarter pound going for in Oakland? All Qualities (GreenHouse, Outdoor, Indoor).
    I live in Virginia, so it would be a drive.
    Thanks.  :bongin:

  2. Dude, too fucking much considering gas prices probably. I imagine itd be similar to more expensive to make the drive instead of buying local.
  3. I can't say anything for those two specific areas, but in general most qps of dank probably range from about $900-$1100 depending on where you're from.
  4. I know the price of a local QP...I asked specifically what I expect to pay in WA and CO.  :confused_2:
    $300 in gas, $700 for QP. It would come out about even.  :bongin:
  5. Whatever man... Just trying to help.
  6. 1. You said CO and oakland. Thats not Wa thats Cali.

    2. Are you getting the meds from the source or a collective? Huge prices differnces. Find out who your getting it from first. Then just ask what type of grade is it and How much. Were not gunna be able to exactly.

    Tree of life gave you a good post for dank prices. You could get it cheaper if you know the grower personally. But better to take the drive and do the shopping yourself.
  7. It wasn't a negative comment, just saying I knew the local prices.  :confused_2:
    I know, I caught that. I am unaware yet, if I can find a QP for 600-800 of greenhouse, I would be good to go.
  8. Well that's not how it came off. It's all good man. Hope the nug from the qp's dank. :bongin:

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