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Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by catpuchino, May 26, 2013.

  1. im about to pick up a ounce of some high quality shit for 100$, what are the prices in your area?

  2. an ounce for high grade around here is 300-380
  3. An ounce for good shit is about $320 here. 
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    For top of the line bud it's around $180 here for an ounce.
  5. Ounce of reg goes for about $100 around here.
  6. Dank $300-375
    Reg $60-90
  7. you guys got some shitty prices

    gram:$15- $20
    \n1/8: $30- $40
    \n1/4: $60-$70
    \n1/2:$120- $140
    \nO: $200-$250
  9. At 100 dollars a ounce your paying like 3 bucks for each gram. Your seriously getting hooked up.
  10. $100 for a dank ounce? That's a fucking steal..
    Here its around $320-380
  11. An oz is anywhere from 150-300 depending who you deal with..adjust lower prices accordingly
  12. Damn OP, where do you live? Here in Ontario anything over 10 a g is a rip off, even for straight dank (but there are those few people that will pay 15 for top notch, pretty much only people that can only get high mids). An ounce of top notch could be anywhere from 200 to 280 for some people, but I can get crazy dank for 230 and anything I see that costs more than that seems to be about the same quality. So I usually wont pay more than 230.
  13. Ugh paying 300 - 350 per oz in wisconsin
  14. Ontario, when my buddy was dealing it was like 180-200 for an O my current hookup is 260 for an O
  15. I grow my own. Even on a small indoor grow it cost me less than $30/oz for any strain I want. Drug dealers suck, your paying a huge markup anywhere you go.
  16. Yea but I'm willing to bet you've got shitty herb :unsure:

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  17. your absolutely positive that this is "high quality" as you say? $100 is real cheap for an ounce...sounds like your getting some crap reggie
  18. i could get oz of hq for 280 around here, but that'd be the homie hookup through the, well.. homie whos flippin; average would be 350+
    I never buy that much at once though; its straight 10 a gram across the board so i just pick up what I need, which is usually about 10 grams to make personal batches of hash oil 

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