Prices, Potency, and Help?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by dartanianlives, Mar 29, 2006.

  1. Alright ... I have spent the last few hours checkin' out several seed banks. Obviously, Seeds Direct (Boutique) is gettin' my business. Everyone says they are reliable, and hell they have a wide selection of strains. But before I dive into my first growing operation, I have a few questions that any grower should be able to answer.

    First, what is with pricing? Everything seems so erratic. I'll see some breeder selling his strain of XYZ for 8 bucks, while another breeder (same strain) is sellin' it for 30 a pop. Is price indicative of quality at all? How should I go about sorting out quality seeds vs. average / low quality seeds?

    Second, I am having issues finding THC Levels for all different strains. I was curious if any current growers have a recommendation for a fruity strain (emphasis on fruity, I really want it to come across in the smoking experience) with high potency and yield. If not, does anyone know a tried and true strain to just knock you on your ass for more than 3 or 4 hours?

    Lastly, I have an actual growing question. As for the fans & carbon filters, how does that exactly work? Should the fan blowing in fresh air be located near the bottom for cooler air and the fan blowing out old air (which I assume would be warmer) near the top? Where exactly am I installing this carbon filter to kill the odor?

    Thanks in advance for helping a newbie out ... God, what would I do without GC?
  2. Yeah, you've got the fan placement right. That also helps to circulate air through the whole cabinet/space. The filter goes on the side of the outtake fan that is blowing out. (on the outside, not inside on the intake side) So you have an intake fan at the bottom sucking in fresh air and then an outtake fan at the top blowing out hot air through a carbon filter.
  3. If its fruity expierience your goin for go with a product called Sweat Leaf put out by advanced nutrients I heard its all the rave!

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