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Prices on these buds?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Alex is awesome, Sep 27, 2010.

  1. by the gram you get sour d, master kush, and skunk for...?
  2. $20, $20, and, if I had to give a rough estimate, $20.

  3. $15, $18, $23
  4. in my area, all $10 a gram
  5. $17.43, $21.01 and $20.53. To the cent.

    It varies all over, brother.
  6. 10-£15 which is like 20-25 dollars or someting

  7. yeah same here
  8. $10/g no matter what strain it is. Thats Canada.
  9. not going to lie, around my area prob $25 ea. bullshit, trust me I know.
  10. $15-20/g
  11. damn i wouldnt spend more than 20

    anyways thanks GC!
  12. 20 if grown right. :D
  13. This isn't a strain as posted above, but still, I thought I'd share it.

    Apparently a few kids from my school got a g of "The Cannabis Cup Winner: Lemon Kush."

    Guess how much?

    Ha, 60. Dumb asses right there.

  14. haha i got that stuff for 15/g last week...
  15. And I got some last week for $20 and it was only .8:mad:.

    I loved high school for that reason.
    D:I got some jack frost
    K: How much?
    D; $35 a g, and since you look like u know ur shit an 8th for $100.
    K: Hell ya ima sell my guitar for that.

    When its only even white widow.
  16. $.07, $.05, and $.08

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