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Discussion in 'General' started by combat rock x, Jun 3, 2006.

  1. So i called the ONE connect i have for acid, and he says he has these strips that have 2-3 hits per sheet. I told him i have a 3-4 people who want to trip, and he said it'd run from 130-150? I thought acid was supposed to be cheap..?
  2. lol he is ripping you the hell off man

    a "sheet" is supposed to have 100 hits. I can get a sheet for 100 dollars(1 dollar a hit) and i get individual blotters for 5-8 dollars a hit when i buy in smaller quantities
  3. What the fuck.. thats a fucking rip off.
    I buy them for 8-10 a hit and can "give" them away for "18".
    Dont let him rip you.. good luck.
  4. Yeah i'm gonna have to talk to him in person and see what's up.

    Haha can't get enough of that sig, Jioxer.
  5. Yeah man, ripoff. I get it 5/hit in small quantities. Never bought more than a 10 sheet which was 45...
  6. Acid is 6-7 a hit for blotter here and you need probably 2 to trip for 4 people here it would cost around $45-$50, maybe less if it's more than 6 hits or so.
  7. Wow you get shitty acid.

    One hit of the stuff up here and you trip fucking balls.

    But its a tad more expensive. 10-12 per hit, 500 a sheet.

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