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Prices Missouri

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BrettBradley, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. Hey guys I live in missouri and i was just curious someone asked if i wanted to buy a whole oz of Mids for 120-140 Is that a good Price? thank ya!!
  2. Hey man where in MO I live here to and if its good weed then yeah that's really good but it just depends where your at. Like where I live 60-70 for an eigth of dank is the norm
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    yea im in missouri, i get an ounce of dank for 250 and half for 120, so i would say no u should get a half of dank for that price instead of ounce of mids
  4. im from around the stl area, quarter of dank is 120, 8th 60...hard to find it for less

    you sure you can get a half for 120? must know a grower
  5. yea im pretty sure he grows lol, idk he is real nice he smokes me up a lot , we more friends than dealer/customer so maybe thats why
  6. #6 Nobot, Nov 22, 2011
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    The following are the prices in STL and the greater STL area: 1/8th of dank is 60. 1/8th of mids are 20. Half O of dank is 200. Half O of mids is 70. Ounce of dank is 360. Ounce of mids is 120-130.
  7. Everyone I know is stingy about weed, pisses me off...I want to move to a different state where people are actually chill rather than trying to free ride off of everyone
    must be nice to have good friends that blaze, none of mine do...they're all big drinkers, bummer I'm not

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