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Price of mids in your area?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SconsinStoner44, Jul 21, 2011.

  1. I live in southern Wisconsin and you see mids/regs from about 100-120 an ounce I was just wondering how much it is in other places?
  2. 5 bucks a gram

    and 90 for an o

    edit: idk where the money goes in between... lol
  3. I could get a pound of mids for 750... Nothing too special, but it gets you really high.
    Dallas Texas
  4. 20/25 Depending on quality, and 15 if you have a quality suplier. I get regs for 110 an ounce all day and chron for anywhere from 250 to 365 an ounce depending on the quality and repuatation of the dealer.

  5. Last time I got regs from Detroit 5 a gram 10 for 2gs, 25 a quarter, 40 for half, 80 for oz but this was like a 2 years ago
  6. i live in northern Wisconsin and i can get a zip of mids for 90
  7. Not to be racist, but...

    black guy: $20 an 1/8

    white guy: $30 a 1/4
  8. im oshkosh area and an 1/8th for dank is 50. i was wondering if thats for you to
  9. Yeah it's right around there most people charge 55 1/8 about 100 1/4
  10. i'm in van, and i can get some dank nugs for about 45 a quarter. i'd imagine mids are about 30 a quarter.
  11. When I was younger I paid 10 per gram and now that I've gotten more connections I can get 2.5 for 10 bucks, but I tend to stay puffing dank 15-25 a gram but worth it. Raleigh NC
  12. I don't really see mids that often where I live. Everyone pretty much has killer shit and seems to care more about quality than quantity.

    But when I do see decent but not great bud it's usually around $130-$150/o.
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    It doesn't make sense why mids are just a little cheaper than dank in Canada, Id get a quarter of dank for a $100 here and a quarter of mids for ehh about $15. Mids and shwag though its all almost the same in Texas, my regular prices for it are 10 grams for $20 and half ounce for $25.

    When me and my buddy fucked with a little weight we got a elbow for $450, a half for about $250, and quads about $150-$160.
  14. I'd be high all day everyday if I had those prices
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    I feel you bro in new mexico its the same way $40 oz of mids. I think its just because were border states to mexico and were so flooded with mids and schwagg

  16. True true, I guess we should be thankful for the prices we get instead of question it:smoke:.
  17. i think the reason our mids and dank is so close in price is because mids here aren't that bad IMO. even when i lived in northern canada, it was about a hundred a quarter for dank and 80 for mids. but dank would basically be anything kush or name brand, and mids would be lighter brands or no-name weed (which im fine with smoking btw, no name herb can be amazing). most of the time i'm not asking myself, do i want to get cheap shitty weed, or expensive awesome weed? it's just, do i want good weed, or really good weed? and now that i'm in van, it's just so much cheaper. i love it

    i've only smoked really terrible weed once, when my older sister got a free half o from her friend. it was terrible, took so many bowls to get stoned.
  18. $2.50 a gram, $5 for two grams..nobody smokes that shit.
  19. I don't know why people hate on mids so much I'm not talking shwag I'm talking mids good mids and they are nice to have so your not spending your whole paycheck on weed when your still in high school
  20. Quarter of mid.. If you got the right hook ups 25-30 a quarter. If you got bad hookups, like 40-50 a quarter:/ I live in northeast georgia, and I get 25 a quarter of mid, and 50-60 an eighth for dank.

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