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Price of a gram across the World.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Bukowski6425, Jan 18, 2010.

  1. Anybody see this? I thought it was interesting.

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  2. Goddamn that Japanese weed better be THE SHIT!
  3. my dealer sells grams for 10 bucks. makes it nice and easy to pay
    I feel bad for those japanese people...
  4. haha i was just thinking that! :hello:
  5. Poor...poor Japanese.:(:smoking:
  6. $10 here too. Occasionally $15 but I only buy it if its some really good looking bud. I never buy in grams though.
  7. Its only so expensive in Japan because its so illegal (years in jail for possession in some cases). My buddy staying there said it was easier to find large amount of heroin than it was to find bud. The only thing he saw there in a whole year was a half g of hash that he bought for 80US. Now tell me that's not ridiculous.... Might've been highway robbery but he said he was glad to pay it. SS

    And that graph was FIVE years ago.
  8. I'm moving to africa, lol.
  9. appx $14.28/g here. (I buy 50 sacks, [1/8 oz], so I had to do the calculation to get it to gram prices.)
  10. Can't see the pic but it's fifteen around here

    I grew up in qfrica though and can get a pound of dank for two hundred no problem in the east
  11. i never pay more than $10/g for dank, and almost always buy in bulk.
  12. $14.28-25 a G for Medical bud
  13. JESUS CHRIST!! I just did the calc, and my cost to get a pound would be US$6400! (If I don't get bulk discounts, (I don't think I do). Dude, I want your hookup! (or is it Mexican brown bud?)
  14. Let's go to Africa. As long as it's not Somalia.
  15. 10 bucks a gram. 25 for an Eighth, 45-50 for a quarter.
  16. in nz its $20 for 1.2-1.6g its called a tinny
  17. $10 for some high mids. $25 for some real fire. Ontario - Canada.
  18. its $10 for medical grade here
  19. 20 a G for some danks that really aren't that dank. Unless you got a good connect, thankfully i just got a new one, old one ended up in the big house. Or 60 an 1/8.
  20. Nah bro, its as dank as it comes basically. Just like the best danks you can find in the Miami area, so you know its goooooood haha. As an outsider youll probably just get robbed or killed if you try to make any sort of deal come together in the area. But I grew up there and have a lot of connections so Im pretty safe as far as violence goes.

    This is in Ethiopia though. Its a little more in Kenya and Uganda, about the same in Eritrea, and in Somalia its just brown crap. You really got to know what youre doing if you want to have the slightest chance at getting decent stuff as well as being safe.

    Its not really relevant, but Ive been shot at on 5 seperate occasions as a kid and a bullet grazed my elbow once, still have the scar. Im not mentioning who, but family members have been stabbed, shot and been through attempted kidnappings. Of course there have been gunpoints and robberies too. We had to leave Ethiopia because of death threats and an assassination attempt, but its safer now.

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