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Price for Grand Daddy Purp NYC?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by JGonzLCA, Mar 10, 2010.

  1. what the price market for grand daddy purp in NYC and suburbs surrounding NYC? the typ breakdown (gram,8,quarter,half,oz). Im soo used to the Boston prices
  2. I dont think gdp has a different price than other strains. But for the most part:
    $20.. 0.8-1g
  3. i figure NYCc to 6e little Ccali, they got 6om6 too, all over, my peps get um to me for 15-g 50-8 90-7 175-14 and 325-zip, and danky everytime, i got atleast a Cchoice of atleast 4 different strains, offical, i would post pics if i knew how, anyone wanna help a 6ro, hit me up
  4. well it's pretty hard finding good purps consistently but i'm from long island. I get very dank stuff just not much purple. Expect the prices to be higher than other dank strains due to the obvious bag appeal. I'd say 400-500....depending on who you know, it could be lower.

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