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Price for a quarter ounce?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Sharktooth777, Apr 22, 2009.

  1. Yeah, so what's the average price for a quarter ounce of mids/high-mids?

    If it helps, I live in Ohio. Gonna be buying down near Columbus.

  2. prolly $150 to about $200 roughly
  3. I live in Connecticut but an ounce of mids costs me about 120-140 so I can't imagine prices would be too much worse in Ohio. For a quarter it runs me about 35-45 dollars and the variation usually depends on quality. For 35 and 120 the mids will be full of seeds and stems but 140 and 45 will land you higher quality less stems but still has a few seeds here and there. Very good blunt weed.
  4. Thanks for the quick answers, guys. I'm going to be paying 60 for my quarter today. What kind of quality should I expect?
  5. I get it for $50/and quarter.

    Shitty high, wicked seedy. lol.
  6. High mids go for $45-$50 around here, very little seeds if any. I used to live in Columbus, it was about the same out there. It's more of a matter about who you know, not where you're at.
  7. TRUE STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    +rep for that bro. People dont understand that enough.
  8. quarter ounce i pay abt 40-50 and usually has little seeds, but overall good weed..its gets the job done and not so harsh on the lungs..if it helps i live in upstate ny
  9. shit eh where u guys live man those prices might cripple some peoples wallets. i can get dank bud for 10 a gram so 50-70 a quarter for all dank. i guess BC doesnt have anything but killz.
  10. A quarter O of high-mids goes for $35 down here in southeast Florida
  11. dude these people are bullshiting you, 35-40 for high mid,20-30 for regular mid
  12. I pay $50 for a quarter of very nice mids. $100 for a quarter of the absolute finest in this area.
  13. i pay $70 for a quarter of dank.

    paying $150-200 seems way too much
  14. 45 to 65 for high end mids 30-40 for decent commercial mids and cheaper for compressed commercial
  15. for mids here i pay around 30 bucks. usually only 2 or 3 seeds. smells fairly strong usually just a little more dry than what i like. for 60 around my parts would mostly be a pretty good high 1 to none seeds and very potent looking green. quality might be a little less where you are though from what i hear.
  16. lol sorry to add this but you asked near columbus ohio and 90% of the people here just keep saying how mids are where they live and what they look like. I have been around that area lots of name strains there and down by Ohio University in hocking county are the best spots for good buds
  17. Wow from what i hear most of u guys are getting ripped,,, here in australia we get certain bag sizes so we got the 8th bag size, quarter bag size,,, a 1/4 would cost us 50 bucks for the very best stuff,,, the prices dont change no matter how good it is,,,, you just need to have a good source,,, and they are everywhere here, for an 8th it would cost me bout 25 bucks for the very best shit. yeah just my opinion but i wouldnt be puttin up with those prices.. peace out:smoke:
  18. 50 bucks gets you a quarter of headies up here.

    Its very nice weed for the price you pay:smoking:
  19. $45/quarter and that's AK-47, NYC Diesel, and white rhino. Damn I love Canada.

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