Price check on Roor glass bong

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  1. I'm wondering how much a (or w/e it's equivalent is) lil'sista 5mm thick glass on glass bong will cost, just for the tube. I live on the East Coast, does anyone know how much they'd run normally? I have like $200, will that even do?
  2. man they tried to charge me like 280$ for a 5mm little sister at OPM and i said fuck that, i was looking at a DC tubes 5mm beaker bottom exactly like the little sister for 250$ but i had to go with the rasta lable roor

  3. Thats what I'd like to get, but im not so sure about getting it from the internet. I've heard people have major trouble, especially off EDIT. Anyone else think so?

    BTW that link isnt allowed i dont think hope we dont get in trouble.
  4. If you stopped to think,

    "maybe he's saying this is the best bong THIS guy can buy. 'cuz he only has $200 to spend"

    you'd look less like an idiot
  5. haha exactly dude you gotta chill he was saying best bong in the price range.

    however i would choose an Ehle. Quality glass without the big brand name at a great discount.
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    i got a local shop selling some glasses blown by original jn blowers for around 150 avg
  7. a lot of money

    if you are interested in affordable peculated bongs, try a different brand.
  8. Will edit even reimburse me if the piece I order comes smashed?

    That's why I'm sketched from buying online. If customs fucks me, I'm not gonna wanna look at a piece of broken glass that cost me $150 and took a couple weeks to come.

    Some people on review sites said EDIT pretty much ignored them. So, IDK..
  9. If you are from anywhere close to Worcester you can get a 7mm 18" roor for 190. With a diffused downstem and a 18mm roor bowl.
  10. Damn, I'm in freakin maryland haha.

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