Preventative Bong Maintenance???? (Mold)

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  1. First post here,

    not sure if this is covered anywhere else but do any of you know how to dry out a bong?

    Sounds like a wierd question but I only get to use my bong once or twice a week as its at my friends place, so I'm concerned about mold and mildew possibly growing inside the second chamber. It's a 3 chamber bong so it would be a nightmare trying to clean.

    I've drained it but there is still moisture inside of the chambers.
  2. I havent tried this myself because I can fit a towel down most of my bongs, but I know some people some people blow a hairdryer or heat gun through their bongs. also the oven at a very low temp might work.:smoking:
  3. mold really isnt going to be a problem unless you rarely use it. you can stick some toilet paper in through the top and the downstem hole and use a paperclip or wire hanger to move it around inside and use the wire to get it out.
  4. rinse it out after each sesh, everyonce in a while put some hot water, cover the holes with your hands (ive only had small bongs, thus i could do this) and shake
  5. wtf man @_____@ mold in your bong :confused:
  6. just keep your glass clean and you dont have to worry about mold
  7. Took the words right outta my mouth!
  8. Keep it as clean as possible. At the VERY least, rinse it out with warm/hot water after every session.
    Just leave it standing upright in a place with decent ventilation and with time it will dry it self.
    I find leaving it to sit over night will dry it completly, but thats only if you shake out every last drop of water you can if it has a perc and all taht like mine does
  9. I was thinking mounting a computer fan on top to suck air through the bong might dry it out but some how (must have been an act of god) I managed to get bits of weed stuck in the top chamber...from the inside. It is absolutley blowing my mind as to how it got there. I spent at least two hours last night blowing water mixed with salt back through the bong to try and loosen it up so it would pull through again. managed to fix it but every now and then it still comes back.

    anyone know anything that can degrade the weed on the inside, i was thinking of maybe submerging it in bleach which should breakdown the organic material enough to get out of the bong.
  10. WTF man, water dissolves salt.

    Stick to the classic method of alcohol and salt
  11. im pretty sure bleach is bad for bongs so that thought scares me a bit
  12. lol I was soooo baked.
  13. Here's a pic. bits of weed are stuck between the last chamber and the chamber with the 4 prong thing in it. hope that helps.

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  14. Use it enough, clean it after each sesh, keep it in a heated room
  15. hhahaha that "4prongthing" is the perc.

    and clenaing glass while high is the easiest way to break things.
    clean it completly with Iso+salt, then rinse it really well with hot water(the hottest that your faucet will go) and it will come out.

    Dont ever use bleach or ANYTHINg else to clean it.
  16. Clean it as well as you can after every use and keep it somewhere that gets a lot of sunlight (like a desk by a window).
  17. Solid, thanks guys.
  18. All you really need to do is keep it clean, and store it somewhere with good ventilation,
    What chris.c said is a good idea.

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