Pretty sure my Dad has super powers

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  1. Back info: 18 years old, senior year and still live with my parents. My dad knows I smoke weed and is ok with it as long as I'm stealth about it (I am far from it as this story will prove) so my mom doesn't find out. I live in michigan and right now outside is covered in snow
    Ok so it was like 20 degrees outside and no one could chill so I'm like "fuck it" and pop open a window and start smoking in my room. I blow all the smoke out the window, I'm not saying in the general direction of it. I literally stook my head out the window to blow the smoke out. My head was not in my room. So after I closed the window and sprayed fabreeze to be safe and turned on my fan. 15 min later my dad walks by the stairs that leads to my room (about 40 feet away from my room door) and comes up and starts going on about how I'm a dumb ass and I'm both high and have no idea how the hell what is happening is possible cuz tbh I couldn't even smell anything. Anyway after a few "your a dumbass" and "where is it" I just continue to deny everything and he just says "whatever" and goes on about his day. Anyway is this even possible that he smelled the weed or do you think he smelled the fabreeze and came up cuz he knew what was up? 

  2. He smelled the weed.
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  3. Non weed smokers can pick it up no problem at all.

    I no longer smoke,and can pick up the smell of fag smoke very easily

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  4. He smelled it. I use a cloud pen which hardly smells by itself and I blow it through a sploof and my dad still smells it. When I'm high I can't smell weed smoke, even if I'm in a hotboxed car or something

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  5. Could you please rewrite that so it is readable? Next time smoke outside or in a spacesuit.
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  6. That's a lame ass superpower
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  7. I cant understand why people think it wont smell in their room if they use the window method

    Its just not possible to stop the smell from the bud still in your trachea and lungs

    Not right away anyway, so im mean your pretty much walking bud scented air freshner for a bit
  8. Some people just have super sensitive noses that can pick up even the faintest hint.
  9. I can't believe no one else said this yet but....when you're fuckin burning the bowl, that alone is creating the smell he could catch.
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  10. I can't fucking believe I'm the only one that said anything on how he wrote his sentence and that paragraph.
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  11. A few things:

    1) Of course when you're smoking it you can't smell it. Do you think cigarette smokers can smell their jackets 24/7?
    2) Your bowl is burning and omitting smell.

    3) It is now colder outside than it is inside, unless you are living in a very southern climate. Cold air flows through your window, causing all of the smoke to just fly back inside. The smoking out the window method only works if it is warmer or the same temperature outside as it is inside. 

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  12. I believe I was like a 7 or 8 on the high scale when I wrote this lol sorry.
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  13. people who don't smoke can smell it a lot easier im not scientist so i cannot explain will guess on something to do with sensitivity type sht lol

    you problably broke up and made your room smell long before you even smoked.... and smoking anything that isn't a popper/onehitter what ever you call small hits were you live and using a sploof your going to get caught.... and theres still always chances so don't risk XD

  14. Lol, did youre dad look something like this?

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  15. My Dad had an even better super power. He could make himself invisible, as in, he was hardly ever around. He spent most of his time in his stupid shed with his stupid rabbits. Invisible dad for the win !!
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  16. he doesn't have super powers, he's just smarter than you are.
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  17. Calling your child a dumbass is far from a superpower. I suggest you tell him to STFU or you can GTFO so you don't have to put up with that bullshit. Good luck!
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  18. Tokers don't smell it as well as non-smokers. When you smoke weed, the smell becomes normalized to you. The smell doesn't  seem out of place, and after a while, your nose will stop picking up the smell for that particular sesh. 
    But to a non-smoker, any hint of that smell is completely out of place. They pick up on it instantly. 
    Your dad could smell it. Don't smoke in your room if it's not cool. A window is not sufficient. And closing the window before turning on the fan does nothing. You have to leave it open for the smell to dissipate quickly. 
  19. The real talking point here is that there's a place in your house that's 40 feet away from your bedroom, how rich are your parents man?
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  20. My dad has superpowers as well.

    He makes other people work for him while he goes on fishing trips.

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