Pretty sure I'm screwed. any chance of salvage?

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  1. Hey GC so I posted a couple of days ago asking about my first grow. Some of my leaves started turning yellow and it was suggested that I have a magnesium deficiency so I started my babies on a epsom salt diet to try and balance that out. It is now two days later and they appear to be getting worse. Some plants have very brittle, dry yellow, burnt leaves and then some plants have random grow patterns. Like really small, and one is even growing what appears to be half leaves. Not symmetrical at all, and by that I mean one side has 2 leaves and the other has 3 or 4. So I have multiple issues going on here all at the same time. So here is some info.

    Plants were started on 4/29/10
    using Miracle grow moisture control. (I already know this shit sucks and that is probably my main problem, but it is my first grow so live and learn.
    I am using distilled water and watering when they are dry.

    So my question to you all is can any of these plants be saved? Should I try t transplant them into other soil if so what kind? What else can I do so save them?

    Any help is greatly appreciated. Pictures are below. See the yellow burnt leaves, probably nute burn. Also the smaller "first" leaves are almost total dry and yellow. About to fall off. Also notice the smaller plant that has the random growth. What is that all about.

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  2. and here are some more pictures.

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  3. dude im on my first grow so i dont know..but if i was u.. i would be looking into fox farm ocean forest.. dont throw them away til they completely dead thats if they die.
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    Yes I am probably going to pick some up soon. Thanks man. Anyone else have ideas as to what i should be doing to fix them?
  5. I am useing that exact soil and have plants that are
    exactly the same age and I have had zero problems.
    I know now that everyone says the soil sucks and I
    am sure that it does but i germinated my seeds put
    them in cups exactly like yours and have had no problems.
    Its my first time too and i look forward to trying good soil.
    the only thing I did different was use water right out of the
    sink. Hell its worth a try.
  6. Transplant to larger containers. They look like they need more room. I would get rid of the time release soils. Some like 'em, I prefer to control the feedings... that's just me though, being a control freak... ;)

    Read some stickies about adjusting the pH of the soil and get that dialed in...

    I think you can pull 'em through with some TLC. :wave:
  7. ok thanks man. I will be transplanting them today. Any more advice GC? Thanks for all the input so far, it is greatly appreciated.
  8. Looks like chemical burn to me. Young plants don't need much food at that size, you should maybe flush 3 times the amount of water/pot size and could use an organic fertilizer such as a 2-1-1.
  9. Make sure your PH level is good. Distilled water is good, but is a little high. I always add some lemon juice to every bottle I get to bring it down a little.

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