Pretty sure I was abducted by aliens last night.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by shablatea, Dec 20, 2013.

  1. So I went outside a little after 1, smoked a cig, and got up to come back in. I was dizzy and almost fell, then got terrified of something and ran inside. It was after 3. It did not take me 2 hours to smoke.Then I had what I think was a dream. All I remember is my back was cold, and there were bright lights. No idea what it could be.On my wrist there are now 5 scars. Never seen them before.What the hell happened to me? I'm almost positive it was aliens...something is moving inside me. Something like a baby. But I'm not pregnant.I think I'm going crazy.
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  2. ….
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  3. ....Sent from The Gods.
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  4. Id abduct your ass too girl.
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  5. You done got fucked by an alien.
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  6. pics of the scars?
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  7. Yeah, in the morning, too dark to see them now.
  8. idk if you got abducted by aliens but if this story is true that actually sounds like some freaky shit. O.O
  9. Okayyy someone's had a little too much tonight. Let's put the joint down and go take a nap.
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    Turn on a light...?
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  11. 👽👽👽👽👽👽👽
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  12. So uh, anybody in this thread wanna fuck
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  13. alien semen implanted throughout your body.. i bet you're radioactive right now. 
  14. matching profile pictures!
    Im gettin' there.
  16. I think someone watched Falling Skies. 
  17. I would turn on a light, but Id have to get out of bed and that would wake up the baby.And I haven't had weed in a few days, if I'd been high I wouldn't have thought twice about it.
  18. What's Falling Skies?
  19. OP can get it.
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