Pretty sure I just screwed up.

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by bucknasty_og, Mar 28, 2016.

  1. Did I just destroy 3 of my plants? I decided to supercrop 3 of them and....I think I'm going to be sick. How bad did I fuck up?

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  2. Just make sure you didn't completely cut off the 'flow' going up the branches....
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  3. If they're not completely snapped off I think you'll be fine.

    Hell, I've seen people snap branches, tape em back up and they do fine.

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  4. That's pretty much exactly what they should look like after a supercrop, they will stand up over the next few days and in the mean time everything else will be doing some catching up to them. It's a great way to even out your canopy. Whenever you mangle them like this they will wilt a little untill they recover, it's normal stress from it. Mine do it for a while when i top them too.
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  5. Phew. Thank you for the insight. Would you suggest supercropping my other 3 plants in a similar fashion? Do I supercrop the top 2 chutes that are currently dominating or is it okay to pinch-bend them as well? Thanks guys.
  6. You can supercrop all the way into flower just be careful as they get bigger they get harder to bend without breaking. Personally i'd leave them supercropped like they are and start LST because it won't slow your plants down like supercropping will and it will have the same result. Any extra light you can expose the lower growth to will make that lower growth come up.
  7. Awesome, thanks for the advice. Would you suggest bending the entire plant over at this point or bending individual branches for light penetration?
  8. For the cropped ones I'd do nothing further til they recover (I'm sure you already knew that)

    For the ones that aren't cropped it depends. If you have nice new growth under those big fan leaves, I'd defoliate before bending them so every top can come up.

    If your new growth cant support itself yet, I would just bend them over and see what comes up.

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  9. It's hard to hurt cannabis. One time I accidentally cut a main cola branch and I taped it on with splint to stabilize it and it repaired itself and grew like crazy. It made me feel sick when it happened too

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  10. You did good, really there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with what you did. But I do want to say this.... read a lot, because some strains don't do well doing things like supercropping, LST. As for me, I don't use supercropping or LST to much anymore as I have found that mainlining if done right brings me the best yields.
  11. Interesting...I would prefer to never supercrop again, I don't like it. I would like to learn how to maximize my yield with simple pruning and bending. Experience and reading, gonna need lots more of both ;)

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