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pretty sure i got ripped off..

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by eyeinfluence, May 18, 2010.

  1. I paid $12 for this weed and its SUPPOSEDLY a gram. My friend actually says hes cutting me a break and that it's supposed to be $20/gram (i doubt the amount he gave me is even a gram). Anyway, the pot in the pic is all broken up according to him.

    So DID I get ripped off? cause it sure looks like i did.. oh well. hopefully its at least enough for a joint.

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  2. Could be a gram.
  3. only way to tell is weight it. if it's ground up like that i wouldnt doubt it is a gram. i dont think you got ripped off though. did he say what kind it was?
  4. if its packed in there tight it could be a gram
    but if its not very thick when you squish it then its probably more like .6-.7
  5. im not exactly sure of the name... he says its "piff". i wanted to take pics before it was ground up so you could see the quality but w.e. anything at this point will get me really high :smoking:
  6. Looks about right to me..

    Just because it may look like a small amount doesnt mean he shorted you.. Could just be fluff, dense, whatever.. Either case, i dont think he ripped you off.. Other than charging you twelve dollars.. thats kinda retarded.
  7. High quality = piff. But people in London will refer to basically any weed as piff they're basically synonymous. You from the UK?
    The only way you can really tell the quality from ground bud is the smell and if you can glimpse any trichomes.

  8. Could probably get three nice sized joints out of that. It could well be a gram.
  9. Looks fine to me, but can't tell the quality through the bag. Looking at the size though, looks about right.
  10. I live in PA so i guess piff means high quality bud. im smokin it tomorrow.
  11. I doubt thats a gram, and it doesn't look like 20 a gram type of shit looks like reg
    id pay 5 for it

  12. You can't actually tell from the pictures the only way you can say that if you handle it.
  13. i wouldnt pay 5 for that shit thats fucked up it might pack you two bowls or roll a pinner if your lucky.
  14. I think you got a fair deal, but obviously you might want to get on ebay and buy yourself a scale.
  15. looks like it could be decent bud but he gave you either shake or allready grinded/broken up . for 12 bucks I say thats an ok at best bag. Unless it doesnt weigh right then you didnt really get ripped off besides the fact he should have given you nug instead of shake/pre grinded weed.
  16. Weigh it, but it looks fine to me
  17. looks good, but invest in a scale maang
  18. looks good to me, but like everyone has said, if you think you got shorted, get a scale so you can be sure.
  19. You paid $12.
    Even if you did get ripped, its $12

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