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Discussion in 'General' started by psykadelic_mess, Aug 23, 2007.

  1. so i bought this pink superman mdma pill. i popped it like 3 hours ago but as of yet i just feel like i popped maybe half of an adderol(sp?). so i guess i either should have taken 2 or i was ripped off. i guess im gonna try to sleep. maddd dissapointed tho.
  2. that sucks, i stopped doing E for that reason exactly....never knew...

    i hope it kicks in and you roll pretty good, or atleast the dude gives you your money back...
  3. yeah thanks. i hope i just randomly start rolling too. id be pretty stoked
  4. yea it was a bad tab.. you woulda defintely been rolling at least a little after taking one.
  5. that sucks dude, i duno how your gonna go to sleep though, if you say you feel like you took adderal, im assuming it was cut with a stimulant/amphetamine, resulting in you, not getting to sleep.
    i never tried X and i guess this is the reason, who knows whats really in there?
    if i was presented pure mdma i'd probably do it, i just cant see myself as a 'roller'....talkin that goofy ass slang, dancin with a passifier in your mouth, runnin round with glow sticks... it jus seems childish to me compared to say, opiates, or hallucinogens.
  6. I had some of those last night and they were awesome. Took 3 at once, fucked me up man. actually 2 pink spacemen and one blue frog.

    could of been fucked up pill i dono
  7. Not everyone that takes MDMA is into that subculture. Though I enjoy trance music, and love going to raves rolling on cloud nine..but their are plently of other fun activites to do when rolling..:D

    And what slang are you talking about? Ive never heard of such a
  8. Has anyone collected the Lucky Charms of E before? Hearts, stars and horseshoes, clovers and blue moons, pots of gold and rainbows and the red balloon!
  9. are u bein serious? lol cuz that would b cool
  10. I got blue spideys and it fuckin was the end.. it didnt work, people lost money, shit went down.

    All i'm gonna say is shotties, people tryna break in, menaces of death, police rollin through twice, hiding alll my pieces at a friends, hysterically flushing weight.


    that's why now i only smoke weed, don't sell SHIT, and live my life

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