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    This will be my grow journal...eventually. I'm going to have to kinda go backwards since im coming in so late in the game...But to give a kwik rundown...
    Someone bet me $300 bucks that i couldnt get his "finnicky" strain of weed seeds to germinate and grow to at least a good foot tall. I dont even smoke weed, and nor did i know anything about what it takes to grow this to a point of having anything to harvest as its called. Well that was close to 4 months ago...
    Lets just say, that $300 bucks came in real handy!!!:hello: And the plants are just about as tall as i am, and i promise i'm over a foot tall! I'm a half inch shy of 6'3 to be exact!!:yay:
    BUT, now i'm in need of help with these monsters!! So i'm going to post some pictures of how they WERE and how they r now. Because IM LOST!! I'm not sure whats a girl and whats a boy! I mean ones i thought were girls seem to be boys...Its like they have flipped the script somewhere along the way and i dont know what to do now... All i've done basically is put them outside during the day, and bring them in at night, put them in a closet with 1 300 watt cfl, then take them back outside in the morning, and so on. Up until about 3 weeks ago cuz they were too damn big to be doing all that madness so now they just stay in my backyard, period.
    I water them, with that smelly fish fertilizer every now and then, sometimes some of that ALASKAN MOREBLOOM stuff and a drop or 2 of SUPERTHRIVE. No special water just from my hose, and thats it! Will add pics in next one...I have to figure this out, k.....:eek:
    WAIT these 2 pictures were...THEN!!

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