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  1. Hey everyone!
    So I am in the neighborhood to buy some new glassware and thought I needed a little help. I am a 19 year old female college student and have been smoking for 7 years. When people look at me they usually would never guess that I smoke and just how much I love it! Anyways I am looking for a bong that fits my personality and preference for smoking. I want a medium sized bong (nothing bigger than 14") with an ice catcher, a not-to-outrageous-price, preferably glass on glass, and some thing pretty! (pink, flowers, girly) Looking for links, websites, even addresses to headshops is East Side San Jose (yeah buddy) where they think I could find what I am looking for.
    Thanks everyone! =D
    Happy Toking ^.^
  2. Let's see your pics.
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    Whats your price range? Unfortunately its hard to find much thats particularly "Girly" and also good quality. If I were you I would look at talking to custom blowers about designs you want put on there. If its just a bit of color you could probably do it for well under 200, depending on what blower you talk to.
    For production tubes or something under $200 or so, your best bet is to just browse around and see if something catches your eye. Local shops will sometimes get something fairly girly, but its not always easy to find.
    I have seen some flowery ones, and even hello kitty bongs, so there are very girly ones out there, but they are usually just very low quality (meaning very fragile)
    You could probably go to someone like GMD/GWO (aaangelicaaa on this forum, and and see if they could make you a pretty, small tube with ice pinches, maybe use some pink colors as accents in a few places (for instances a pink lip, maybe a pink and white swirl on the downstem, and maybe put a flower marble on the tube.)
    smilyagent on this forum may also be able to get you a good deal.

    EDIT: also, I always liked these tubes, and they are a bit girly...
  4. Could always go a straight EHLE with icecatcher, add colored ice and bowl or something :p
  5. Is gogo legit?
  6. Yeah, fast shipping as well.
  7. Links not found man. :p
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    It's not.. I bought 2 bubblers and a bong from them. Awesome site for first time pieces if u ask me.
  9. Yes I would love to get something custom but I think something like that would be a little out of my price range. Thank you though, very helpful post =)
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    if you live in san jose you could check out paramount imports glass
  12. Hmmm... Whats your experience or why do you recommend?
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    some people wanted me to post pics... maybe this will help you guys get and idea for my personality?

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  14. posted! =)

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