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Discussion in 'General' started by FiveonIt34, May 22, 2006.

  1. Well I just recently tried mary jane, and loved it. Now all my friends are pressuring me to roll face, get blown and trip balls. I was just wondering, what is a good way to say no? I honestly don't want to try theses drugs, but everyone says they are so AWSOME. Any suggestions?
  2. Rolling = BAD but fun as hell....puts a hole in your brain
    Blow = Addictive, and I do not like uppers
    Trip Balls = Want to do it one time, so I cant say....
  3. just be like "yo, let's just roll another blunt..." they'll just be like "hell yea motha-fucka"
  4. rolling.. does not put holes in your brain.

    just be like im a weed man i dont need anything other than my sweet mary jane
  5. weird first post man
  6. Yeah X melts your brain........

    Ecstasy causes permanent brain damage

  7. sounds like an above the influence thread haha

    say "no." dummy
  8. best advice is to say "nah man ill just smoke this fatty ass blunt" whenever they ask u to do something u dont want to, that way, they can have their fun and u can enjoy urs. as long as ur high, im sure they wont care
  9. Ok bud I can say this with utmost concern for my pot smoking brethren stick with weed and shrooms thats it dude seriously u dont wanna get involved in that shit
  10. Just fuckin say no.. aint much more to it
  11. :eek:... :mad:
  12. Heya, first of all welcome to the forum :hello::wave:

    I am, and have been a daily smoker for a year or two now (might I add that this semester I was on the PRESIDENTAL SCHOLAR list... and I smoked almost every day........whoohhoooooo, just a prime example that it does not effect your life in negative ways!!...unless you allow it too of course, but thats an argument for doing things in excess- and that another topic)

    I do not do other drugs. Personally, its not for me- and if thats how you feel at this moment, then that is how you feel. It might seem difficult to tell your friends this- but have you heard the tall tale that if you stand up for yourself they'd respect you more? Believe it or not its true.

    When it comes to mind alternating substances, you are the one in control- not your friends. If you did them- youd be the one tripping, not them.
    So...really if you dont want to 'EXPERIENCE THE MAGIC" (as one person who attempted to get me to try other drugs when i was not even close to ready) tHEN DONT!

    Basically, just tell them no. If they keep pushing- explain that right now is not the time you wish to be meddling in other things.REMEMBER THOUGH, if they keep pushing after you say NO then you really should not have to explain yourself- they dont respect your desision.......but who cares!?! Its your life.. not theirs.

    As of now, my suggestion is to explore the possibilities of pot smoking............ and down the road if you feel that you wish to expose yourself to other drugs- then do. (PLEASE research before you do anything however, and be careful)

    If you ever need any advice or anything like that- just Private message me- ill be sure to try and help.

    Have a nice night!

    ps. mind the spell mistakes- my keyboard is being funky and wont let me use the shift button all the time, and isnt typing all the letters ALL the time.......i dunno whats up with it.. oh well. :smoking:
  13. thanks for the advice..

  14. Who told you that? Someone you know right? And who told them... someone they know, who was told by someone they know, who was told by someone they know.

    So im sure that X really does melt your brain, after all, everyone knows that right? I did feel a draft in there since the last time I rolled...
  15. It's like this.

    "yo dude try some E"
    "bitch I said stfu I'll kill you!"

    Done. But seriously just say no for fuck sake! They can't make you do anything you aren't ready or wanting to try.
  16. dont get me started on that bs...

    just say no
  17. Just tell them that you're not mentally ready for it yet.

    It's a choice to do coke and X because they're in a different category of drugs. Don't believe all that bullshit you hear about it melting your brain though. It's all propaganda... propagated by idiots.

    I definetly think you should try shrooms, it will change your life. I guess LSD would be a "choice" too but I would strongly encourage you to do it in the future. And no, it doesn't fry your brain. Everyone can go suck themselves off.

    All in all... at some point in your life you should try every drug... the drug deserves a chance. Now you're obviously not ready yet, and tell your buddies that. If they don't comprehend, find friends that aren't idiots.

    I tell all my friends to do weed, shrooms and acid. Not a single one who's done it has regretted it. Sometimes people need a little push, a little pressure... because they're scared. That's human nature. But we have a trusting relationship so there's no fear there.

    Definetly try shrooms though if you don't do anything else, ever. You just have no clue what it does to your state of mind, it's beyond anything.
  18. One of my best friends was a Presidential Scholar (got accepted to harvard) this year...
    I made the SAT cut but didn't get the scholarship itself. Congrats...its a hell of an honor. Where are you heading off to for college?

    To the original poster: Just tell them "Nah, I don't want to" and they should understand. If not, they're just being pricks. I believe in everybody making decisions for themselves.
  19. Not to hate... but honestly. Fuck public education.

    Sure everyone can do their own thing but I don't find that a spectacular accomplishment. All you're really doing is becoming a bit more of The Man's bitch. Free yourself before it's too late.

    Someone that "smart" should have much better things to do with their life than that. What a waste of talent. That is assuming he's genuinely intelligent and not just a total tool.

    Note: If he's studying chemistry so he can open an international LSD lab after he graduates he is exempt from my rant.

  20. I think Harvard is a little different than just "being the mans bitch".

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