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  1. Hey do any of you guys know a doctor who write prescriptions for marijuana in the southern california area? Please
  2. If you have a seriouse condition that you think can be helped with the aid of marijuana, then it shouldn't be hard to find someone down there who is willing to help. But if you're just trying to score legal bud, dont do it...its people like that who fuck it up for the rest of us, and for those who are in real need of the drug.
  3. The prescription is not for myself, it is for a friend of mine who has been having grandmal seizures. He doesn't have them as often if he tokes a little bud. I am a user of herb not an abuser.
  4. They should be able to talk to their regular practionar about the positive effects on medicinal marijuana. Generally a prescription is not given (at least not here in Oregon) but more or less just a signed statement from the docter saying that they have so and so disorder is good enough. If the docter in writing says that marijuana helps ease the patient disabilities even better. If this seems a little to much work try and contact the local NORML group, or medical club both should be more than willing to do all they can.

    Good luck

  5. Thanks for the info.

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