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    ill skip the details. my psych told me to take 1mg. did nothing. so i took 2mg. still nothing. then 4mg and this was a good medicinal dose.

    so should i say 1mg did nothing and i tried 4 at it worked well. or should i just say i took 1mg a did nothing and see what he says.

    if it matters i take them at like 630 and it keeps me distracted from ocd and stress so i 'could' do work. but i usually dont because i feel too relaxed and stress free that i dont bother with work. none the less still better than stressing all day and not getting any work done.

    so can i say i up'ed my dose responsibly? or should i just say the prescribed dose did nothing and wait for the go ahead to take more? or should i just not worry and self prescribe myself the higher dose?

    edit: ha forgot med, Klonopin (Clonazepam).
  2. You say you noticed SOME change, a slight bit of a push in the right direction, but it still wasn't enough.

    GL getting 4mg dosage... you have no idea how high of a medicinal dose that is, it would take over a year most likely to reach that dosage. I've been taking it for almost a year and am at 2mg total a day (taken in 3 parts).
  3. so would saying 1mg did nothing get me moved off kpins in general. because at 4mg+ it really dose help medicinally.

    your saying i got no chance at being prescribed 4mg?
  4. I really don't see 4mg... 3mg over time, yea. Say you noticed some small changes that helped, otherwise they may change meds.
  5. small changes from 1-2mgs? or small changes from 0-1mg?
  6. they tend to do small dose increases the majority of the time no matter the current dose.
  7. Sounds like your getting high off it rather then medicated
  8. you have the right to think whatever youd like. but you are sadly incorrect.

    i could go into detail but its not worth my time.
  9. i'm in a situation like yours aswell, (ritalin) but i'm going to play it safe (always do with my meds)and tell him it isn't as effective as before (true)

    I think they would think 'bad' of you if you up'ed your dosage without the doctor's permission, so play it safe(slow route, but best)
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    so i took 4mg kpins around 630 yesterday. (for the second time i believe, last time was a week+ ago).

    so i notice my coordination skills drop a little and a bit slower reaction time/movement in general. but no stress relief. no detachment from obsessive thoughts.

    last time was a bit more successful but im guessing it was just placebo of trying 4mg for the first time.

    on a side note, all things specific to just yesterday are a blur/difficult to remember if they were what actually happened, day dream or a dream i had recently or if they were something i did the day or two before.
    i can remember the order of my classes and things like that (recent from a week+) but if you were to ask me something specific to yesterday i would blank.

    tho i dont feel i blacked out, like i have before with xanax+alc. but it is oddly similar.

    edit: so i guess ill try 6 or 7mg to see if i can get any stress relief from kpins, if not ill probably try ativan (from my psych of course) because we already tried xanax and that just passes me out, or gets me 'tipsy' for a few hours. no real stress relief, like cannabis, more just a "woah, im intoxicated" kind of feeling.
  11. if your taking 6 or 7 i would stop taking them altogether, those can lead to a bad addiction
  12. Moving up to 6 or 7mg without a doctor's go-ahead wouldn't be a good idea.
  13. if you go back and explain the situation and BE HONEST, most likley they will move you to avitan or xannies. thats what they did for me when i told them 1mg wasnt doin crap
  14. my psych already put me on xanax and that just passes me out, or gets me 'tipsy' for a few hours. no real stress relief, like cannabis, more just a "woah, im intoxicated" kind of feeling.

    kpins so far didnt really do anything. it didnt feeling like anything at the time but now looking back, i can barley remember it and today im getting very irritated at everything. so i guess that means i was happier yesterday, if the same things today are pissing me off.

    maybe ativan will be different. im not gonna say i uped to 4mg+ but im gonna say i went to 2mg.

    i just need a drug like lsd or cannabis that kills my ocd. fuck.
  15. if you're taking 6 or 7 and not getting stress relief then you must be expecting too much bro. i was addicted to the shit for a year straight every day doin it and i could still feel stress relief at like 4mg at my worst point when i was taking 10-12mgs a day. i think you're expecting to much and looking for a high. no doc is gonna prescribe that much k-pins, sorry. you need to get some therapy or something that will actually solve your problem not some damn pills. or of course you could start smoking tar im sure that would make you stop thinking about anything...
  16. i go to cognitive behavioral therapy. but yea doesnt really solve the problem just a bit of techniques to deal with it.

    tar = cigs? if so im way to broke for that.

    i might be excepting to much, that is what happened my first acid trip.
    also its good to see your back deezy.:D.
  17. by tar i mean black tar heroin and i was kidding. but yes im back cuz i relapsed on the klonopin but im only back in the pandoras. ive been taking a lot of kratom, it helps tremendously with my psychiatric problems (anxiety, depression, addiction, adhd). i quit smoking weed due to a lung infection. but it doesnt seem like klonopin is right for you. if youre looking for total stress relief you wont find that with klonopin or other benzos unless you take lots and lots so you might as well be smoking tar is the point i was trying to make. if you want to think about nothing youre gonna have to do hard ass drugs. i guess what im saying is no amount of medication can really cure youre problem you have to learn to accept and deal with it. im doing this for my anxiety and panic attacks. i was using tons of drugs to try to help but all it was was a bandage, the wounds are still there. so i dont know what to tell you friend.
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    o heroin, haha. yea i know what you mean so far benzos arent anything special, but i did find a substance that did cure my ocd temporarily (LSD. i further explain why it helps in the link). and stress comes and goes so thats where cannabis falls in, as needed.

    also sorry to hear about the relapse, hope everything works out for you.
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    hmm reading back now, and considering this post i just made

    from this thread. i can see where i was stepping over the lines.
    tho looking back in never felt like a addiction or necessary act. was able to go month without and didnt think about once. always with a bottle of 60mg on hand. seriously just decision.

    but does seem dangerous from a third perspective. its a third person's view now, because taking some much cause me to forget all individual days. plus i am pretty stoned right now and i dont think that that is helping. :p.

    edit: woah all that was bitch to edit to perfection. :D.

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